6 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to SilverStripe 4

6 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to SilverStripe 4

Hold on! We know, you’ve had enough of these ‘6 reasons why you need to do a certain thing or not’ kind of listicles. Even we find most of them irksome, but believe us this particular one does not belong to that lot of unproductive listicles. On the contrary, this one comes with a crystal-clear purpose of helping you achieve elevated results out of your existing SilverStripe website. 


AddWeb has been working on this framework since quite some time now and the more SilverStripe projects we work upon the more we get to discover the strength of this not-so-popular community. And the release of its latest version - SilverStripe 4, comes with the most stunning features that impressed us, immensely. So much so, that we strongly feel you must go forward to upgrade the recently released - SilverStripe 4.


Well, don’t believe us yet? Cool. Read through the reasons we’ve jotted down below and SilverStripe 4 upgrade is necessary, you’ll know!

6 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to SilverStripe 4

Reason No. 1 - LTS Commitment:

LTS - the Long Term Stability Commitment is one of the prime features that SilverStripe 4 comes loaded with. This one confirms the support for SilverStripe 4.x release line till 2020, which includes the security fixes through the end of 2022. One can also positively look forward to continuous improvements being made in SilverStripe in upcoming years, viz. new features, bug fixes, security patches and a lot more that will strengthen the power of your website manifold.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to SilverStripe 4

This feature holds a lot of significance since it ensures the years of support from SilverStripe for your website. Also, the upcoming security-related enhancements coming in future will help you secure the personal information of the visitors that your website holds. The security of such data is quite high and helps in building trust amongst your website visitors/users.


Reason No. 2 - Enhanced User Experience:
SilverStripe 4 is a CMS that uses ReactJS, which is developed by the group of Facebook. This is also the reason why SilverStripe is now a fully-responsive platform that has an enhanced user experience, across different devices. In fact, it also comprises of the ability to cater the content authors’ need in their favour. 


Reason No. 3 - Strengthened Versioning Support:
SilverStripe has always been great with drafting and publishing pages. But now, with SilverStripe 4, it has gone a notch higher by introducing the all-new Ownership API. This strengthens the concept of ownership by allowing recursive publishing of data-objects, which ultimately enables you with the control of the entire publishing part. 


Reason No. 4 - Bettered FileSystem Abstraction:
In today’s day & age, the usage and requirement of remote filesystems like Amazon S3 are increasing speedily. Hence, SilverStripe 4 has also come up with an enhanced filesystem, which makes it easy to program the capability of using assets remotely.


Reason No. 5 - Campaigns:
SilverStripe 4 comes with an all-new campaigns feature, which smoothens the functioning of the team while working together and also publish the content easily.


Reason No. 6 - Content Blocks:
Content Blocks is the feature of SilverStripe 4 that modernises the way content has been managed in a CMS. In fact, this newly-introduced content block module is developed by SilverStripe itself.

Now, you know why you need to upgrade to SilverStripe 4 and how much value it is going to bring for your website in the upcoming years! Have got some queries or suggestions on the same? We’re all ears! Write to us here.