Act-On Form Code Into A WordPress Site With Shortcodes

Wordpress with Shortcodes

Recently we built a WordPress website for one of our clients that needed to integrate newsletter forms with Act-On, a Marketing Automation and Email Marketing Software.

In case anyone else is looking for this, here are step-by-step instructions on how to insert Act-On forms into a page or post using a shortcode.

1. Login with your credentials into Act-On website. And find the “Get Code” option:

  • Navigate to Forms (under the content tab)
  • Mouse-over the name of the form you wish to use
  • Click the “more” menu that appears when hovering your mouse
Wordpress with Shortcodes
  • Click “Get Public URLs”
Wordpress with Shortcodes
  • Mouse-over the title area where you see “Default”
Wordpress with Shortcodes
  • Choose “Get code” when hovering your mouse
Wordpress with Shortcodes

In the WordPress Dashboard:

  • Download & Activate Global Content Blocks plugin
  • Go to Settings > Add New Content Block.
  • Create a name and custom shortcode name
  • Set Type to General
  • In the content area for this content block, switch to Text editor, and insert the Act-on code.
  • Go to the page or post in your site where you want to insert the form and click on the picture of the green, red and blue blocks and select a form to insert. In the visual editor you’ll see a block with name of the form but if you look at the Text Editor, you’ll see a shortcode was added like this: [contentblock id=1 img=gcb.png]
Wordpress with Shortcodes
  • Test the form on your WordPress site by filling it out and then go back into Act-on to make sure that your form entry submission appears.

And issue is resolved. Stay tuned in for more helpful blogs or Hire WordPress Developer. :)