AddWeb Targeting - DrupalCamp London 2016


A small step for an individual; but a giant step for an organization!

The beginning of anything is always difficult!

Certainly it was. As a Drupal solution provider, our insights about this wonderful tool were limited and encompassed only of possibilities that we had exploited till date; nothing beyond that. Attending the Drupal Camp Brighton-2015, which took place during the 1st week of January, was like the Manna from Heaven. Till then, we were only looking at the “Consumption aspect” of this technology; but this camp ignited the thought process of “Contributing to Drupal” thus opening wider avenues.

Thus came the first breakthrough, when we donned the hats of Volunteer for Drupal Camp London – Feb’2015 contributing our Time & Assistance to ensure seamless happening of the event! We contributed may be “A Little” and what did we reap? “A Lot More” – got a chance to interact and network with people, understood the little nuances like community direction, Drupal direction, challenges in working with remote team; and increased our friends count list by heaps and bounds.

The more you unlearn, the more you will learn!

Year 2015 saw us moving out of the cocoon. We attended. We volunteered. We learnt. The learning made a paradigm shift in our understanding of the technology and motivated us to spread our wings towards the horizon that we had never dreamt of. By deciding to unlearn and again learn.

And how have we spread our wings?

AddWeb Solution is extremely proud to announce its Sponsorship for DrupalCamp 2016 which is slated to be held in London from March 04-06. As Sponsors and Volunteers, we commit ourselves to the betterment of the Drupal Community by contributing in every possible manner of time, intellect and capital.

From being a faceless entity in the crowd of participants to becoming the Face of Event Sponsors, AddWeb Solution has taken a huge stride! Putting it in the words of Neil Armstrong, we would say, “It is a small step for an individual; but a giant step for an organization!”

This path-breaking march has elevated our spirits and heightened our urge to learn, evolve and utilize this wonderful technology for the betterment of client needs!

Stay tuned for more highlights!!