AddWeb's Jaisalmer Trip - Amidst the Sand Dunes and Folk Tunes!

Jaisalmer Trip

‘TGIF’ - An internet slang invented by the corporate nerds always used to amaze us as a team. We always wondered why did they have to thank god for a routine arrival of a simple Friday. Alike them, we also wanted to hashtag TGIF on our Instagram profile with some handsome pictures. But somehow, the happening weekdays at the office made us thank god even for a Monday or any other day for that matter. But the urge to use the trending #TGIF was certainly there. And then, last Friday, we finally got a chance to do so, when we’re about to board a bus for a trip to Jaisalmer with the entire AddWeb family!


There could have been no better way for us to embrace the year 2018 with. Being the ardent traveler at heart, we all were way too much excited about this trip. The excitement graph saw a rise, as the sun started setting down. And soon, the time came to board the bus and commence our journey to the land of sand dunes and folk tunes!


And the journey starts…

Our travel journey to Jaisalmer was an overnight one and hence we had come prepared with multiple game ideas from the truth and dare to dumb charades and cards to the most bus-journey preferred game - Antakshri. After a couple of rounds of all these games, 2 halts for brewing tea a few naps and some playfulness in our mood we finally entered the Golden City of Jaisalmer.


Hello, Jaisalmer!

It was somewhere around 8:30 in the morning and a full night’s journey, both - our bellies and taste buds were screaming for some local snacks. So, we finally settled for some mouth-watering ‘Kachoris’, ‘Pohas’ and some garma-garam ‘Jalebis’ to savour our sweet tooth at the Hanuman Chowk. And now, the real experience of Jaisalmer desert was waiting for us at the tents amidst the sand dunes. We got a very warm & traditional welcome by the staff of our tent resort. The night’s journey had drained out our energy. And to regain that energy we all quickly rushed to our respective tents to have a quick and rejuvenating hot-water bath.


And then, AddWeb ventured out for some Adventure!

Time had now come to taste the thrill of adventure amidst this shining sand. Time had now come to go for paragliding! We’re all super-excited and guess what?! It also turned out to be truly an one-of-its-kind experience. But this was just the beginning of the experiences that awaited us in this city, so we soon headed back to our resort.


The resort staff was already ready with a palatable lunch to be served to us. We shared our paragliding experiences with each other over lunch and then again setted out for some more experiences, lined-up for us. Now was the time for the most-awaited ‘Camel Ride’ in the desert. The humpy ride took us over the tip of sand dunes, from where we witnessed the shades of setting sun. It was a sight that can never be framed into words, just savoured with your eyesight. Some of us silently slipped into the mood of sunset, while some relished some picture-clicking moments with the sun afar and people around. The time slipped fast in those moments and soon it was time to get back to our tent resort.


Folk Music and Freezy Midnight!

By the time, we’re back to our tents the local musicians from the ‘Manganiyars’ community were all set to perform. We hurried our way to grab the seats and enjoy their traditional music. The performance started with some the traditional welcome song of Rajasthan - ‘Padharo Mahre Desh’ and took us on a tour through their folk dance called ‘Kalbeliya’. Guess what! The musicians as well the dancers left us all in an awe!


And then, it was our turn to wow them with our dancing skills. Well, yes we can never even get near to the kind of performance they gave. But our energy and enthusiasm to dance were undoubtedly unparalleled. We didn’t just grooved to the DJ beats but also whirled on our very own Garba tunes in the land of ‘Ghoomar’ and ‘Kalbeliya’.


The sweating dance session was followed by a scrumptious dinner. So we got freshened up on a hotfoot and moved further for the dinner. The dinner was tasty not just because of the spices but touch of tradition that it had added a magical taste to it. And then, it was the time to escape from the freezing cold of 7° and we all headed to grab our favourite bottles of beer. That time chit-chatting under the moon, over some beer and a cold breeze was our moment of unwinding!


Walking Down the History Lane!

The next day’s morning was a bit lazy for some and over-enthusiastic for others. While some procrastinators choose to sleepover a little more, some early birds advanced for watching the sunrise. The wind was pleasantly cold and the view, picturesque!


Once they came back, they quickly joined the other folks for the breakfast and got ready for the checkout. Now, was the time to take a tour to witness the glorious history of Jaisalmer. Yes, we soon reached to the famous fort of Jaisalmer, which is also one of the very few ‘living forts’ of the world. We were stunned by the stupendous structure that the fort was and how 80% of the city’s population still resided inside the fort. Here, we also got a chance to shop and take along some traditional memories of this beautiful city with us!


It was about time to bid the city adieu, but well not before we last time treat our taste buds with the traditional dishes of Jaisalmer. We all headed for the final lunch in the city and later boarded our bus to leave for our city. On the way back we had our dinner, while re-collecting all the memories that we just made. It’s then when we realised that it is so much fun to experience different places with the travel-driven AddWeb family!


It wouldn’t be an understatement if we say that AddWeb is a family that works together, eats together and travels together. And hence, grows together too!