AEDU Parent’s & Driver’s App - Because Keeping a Track is Important!


Once upon a time, a kid’s few minutes of delay in returning to home from schools made mothers panic. Once upon a time, attaining a kid’s updates/activities from school parents had to either visit the school or wait for their kids to return and check their calendar. But today, in the times of technology these ‘Once Upon a Time’ are the tales from yesteryear, right! And if you don’t believe it, check out AEDU - a School Management Software from the house of AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.


AEDU is created with the purpose of digitizing the way school management works. On one hand, when the school management department has an access to a web application and software; on the other hand, the parents and drivers have got a mobile application to carry out their tasks. The entire project is a brainchild of AddWeb and hence, let us share the story and our motivation behind creating these applications.


Why AEDU Parent & Driver Mobile App?
The root-purpose of creating the AEDU Parent Application was to keep notified about their kids’ school activities, on the go. Right from the time their school bus picks them up to drop them back at home, their homework, school activities notice, et al.


The AEDU Driver Application was built to provide the feature of live location tracking of the bus along with sending the longitude-latitude data to the parent application, which perhaps was the most challenging part of all.


App-Building & the Roadblock:
The next was bringing the idea into action and create the applications, just as we thought. But no one arrives at the destination, without overcoming a few roadblockers. Same happened in the case of creating mobile applications for AEDU’s Parents and Drivers.


The Parent App and Driver App of AEDU are two distinctive apps, where a certain amount of syncing was required. Like, the Driver App is supposed to change the status of pickup once the driver has picked the kid, the notification of which will instantly go to the parent’s applications which will be reflected as the pickup time of their kid. Same goes in the case of dropping the kids off to school and vice versa. The parent’s ability to track the route and live location of their kid’s school is an aid provided by the AEDU Parent App.


Now, one of the most challenging parts of creating these mobile applications are the synchronized features amongst the two. Specifically, the process of syncing the school bus status and sending across the longitude-latitude data to the parent app. This was one major and tricky roadblock that we came across. Besides, we also noticed a few other minor hindrances on the way, which are mentioned as follows:


  • Maintain marker smoothness

  • Show remaining journey time & km

  • Manage Map on the change of the predefined route/driver

  • Sent notification to the parent app when the bus is 500m away from the destination

  • Manage icons as per location angle

  • Center map to running bus on button tap


Major or minor, team AddWeb chooses to deal with challenges even-handedly and overcome each of them. Let us share that journey too with you!


Our Troubleshooting Technique:

Denoting node server and as a solution

No roadblock is big enough that one can’t overcome it. At least, we at AddWeb believe so. Hence, soon after discerning the issue of sending the longitude-latitude data from driver app to parent app, we commenced our search in full swing. And in no time, we came up with a stunning solution - the node server and


Yes, the node server and came to our rescue and we started using it in order to resolve the issue. Basically, what we did is that - we used the node server to send the location details of the bus from driver app to all the connected parent apps. And boom! The one major roadblock got removed!


Meanwhile, our other set of developer team worked on finding a resolution for other minor challenges. And it happened so that each of them got resolved while working on them. It turned out to be way simpler to achieve them while working, than what it seemed to be from afar!


The Final Word!
The joy of creating can’t be translated into words and the joy of watching your product succeed in the market is even more inexplicable. Yes, today AEDU - The School Management System is used by 210+ schools with 68,000+ students across 30+ cities in India. The Parent and Driver App is also used by 100+ parents across India; whereas drivers application has recently been launched and hence so far it has been downloaded by 10+ drivers. And on that note, all we can say today is that we’re humbled enough to be playing a small part in this huge revolution of digitizing our education system for the betterment of kids and parents!