And Then, We Met the True Source Of Love!

AddWeb Solution CSR Activity

“The service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”, said the great boxer of our age - Muhammad Ali! Also being a humble philanthropist, he saw no huge greatness in act of social service. Rather, he believed it to be the duty of sharing your space on the mother earth. We, the AddWeb family, assent with this philosophy of ‘The Greatest - Muhammad Ali’. Maybe that is why we, time and again, come out and pay our rent for sharing the space on earth. Maybe that is how we as humans coexist, despite the economic and sociological differences.


We personally feel contributing towards the education of underprivileged will lead to a brighter future of the society at large. Plus the site of those kids relishing the little joys of life is priceless. Perhaps, something that we tend to overlook in daily life. Having shared stationery, snacks and some quality time with the underprivileged kids previously, we recently decided to do it again.

AddWeb Solution CSR Activity

The ever-enthusiastic team of AddWeb started preparing for the big day, a week in advance. A bundle of textbooks, stationary item, crayons and packets of biscuits were ordered. And through the entire week, the team excitingly contributed their extra time in making 500+ kits for the kids. In fact, they also choose to contribute monetarily with sheer love and humbleness. And then the most-awaited day arrived!


Each team member, dressed-up in the modest dress code of white and blue, headed to the decided government school. The school staff eagerly anticipated our visit and welcomed us with smiles full of warmth and love - a gesture so rare in the hustle and bustle of a city life. We had a quick chat with the teachers and got our 70+ member team divided into small teams. Each team was allocated one classroom, so they rushed to their respective classrooms with the bundle of kits in their hands and joy-filled in their eyes!

AddWeb Solution CSR Activity

The kiddies also anticipated our visit and sat quietly in their classrooms, flashing discipline and hiding their naughtiness while their playful eyes gave it all away! Our teams broke the ice by their impish introduction and proposing them for having a game session. Their response was cheerfully positive and soon the cosmetic disciplinary mood of the room got painted with frolicsome colours in no time!


The 70+ team of AddWeb spent their next 2 hours with these 500+ kids of a government school. And believe us, the experience was utterly enriching. We gifted them with a kit consisting of English & Maths notebook, crayon colours, pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale and a packet of biscuit. They, being a rich source of love, gifted us with a beautiful evening which is going to stay with us for a lifetime; both - metaphorically and literally. Metaphorically, because the innocent love and happiness that they introduced to us. And literally, because the pictures we clicked with them to keep with us as a memory to be cherished!