An Anecdote to the Eventful Expedition of AddWeb’s 7 Years!

 An Anecdote to the Eventful Expedition of AddWeb’s 7 Years!

“An entrepreneur isn’t someone who owns a business. It’s someone who makes things happen.”

On this occasion, when AddWeb has completed its 7 seven eventful years and is set to step into its eighth year, we see our own story being told in the above quote. Filled with joy and a pool of memories, milestones & magical moments, we'd like to share our story with you. A story, which no matter seems like any other entrepreneurial story, has its own share of moments that sometimes will inspire you and sometimes, give you goosebumps. A story of AddWeb that commenced seven years ago with it's three passionate protagonists; Mr. Ashish, Mr. Saurabh, and Mr. Rajeev, who transformed their vision into reality through the coronation of the company & their undeterred endeavour to actualise their dream. 


7 Years Back into the Flashback! 

It all started some 7 years back when these protagonists, decided to come together and work productively in order to contribute their share to the web world. Their diversified areas of expertise have proved to be one of the best combinations that worked in favour of their vision. Mr. Saurabh has an expertise in the technicalities of IT industry; Mr. Ashish possesses an unerring flair in marketing and Mr. Rajeev holds an incompatible business sense. And as time passed by, AddWeb grew extensively, in every possible manner. Started from a close-knit & neutral-family-like team of just 3 members, today we’ve grown into a legit Indian-joint-family-like team of 90+ members. And this prodigious cluster of talented people, work together with their common interest in coding towards a common goal with a diverse set of skills - just like a family does! 


We All Evolve, On What We Stand For! 

It is very natural for a question to arise in your mind - “How this evolution happened, what was the process and what turned it into a success?” There are so many factors which made this magical journey of 7 years, worth looking back. AddWeb has always stood steadfast on its vision, ideologies, beliefs, and passion inside-out, throughout. In fact, that has been one of the major reasons for our growth and development.

 An Anecdote to the Eventful Expedition of AddWeb’s 7 Years!

In fact, our logo is inspired by the very first letter of the English alphabets - ‘A’, which conveys the idea of delivering nothing but just the best. 

The AddWeb-ians: As Colourful As The Colourful Rainbow! 

This attribute of ours is what contributes largely to the success of AddWeb as it ensures delivering the happiness of its 70+ member family, which is pretty-well translated & visible in our host of happy clients spread worldwide.

 An Anecdote to the Eventful Expedition of AddWeb’s 7 Years!

We literally, work, eat, celebrate & play pranks together like a family. All our birthdays, festivals, trips & every other celebration, might not always have been one of the heftiest affairs, but they surely have been extravagant in terms of happiness! 

Outsourcing: Changing the Rotten Outlook, Globally!   

We started off with one sole vision of delivering solutions. Especially, in the times that breathes the air of constant criticism, we choose to provide solutions within the possible arena of our skillset.

 An Anecdote to the Eventful Expedition of AddWeb’s 7 Years!

Well-equipped with the knowledge & upgrades in the world of technology, we’ve always pushed the boundaries by advising our clients with ideas that serve better to the project. No wonder, today we can it with immense pride that we’ve delivered 450+ international projects. And no wonder, Clutch recently announced us the one amongst the ‘Top 5 Indian Offshore Agency for Skill Augmentation’.  


An Integral Part of the Open-Source Community! 

We, humans, have always craved to be a part of one or the other community. Ever wondered, why is it so? Well, it all melts down to the sense of belonging and oneness we feel while amongst a certain section of the society, which we call a ‘community’. Similarly, we - the AddWeb-ians, feel a strong sense of oneness with the open-source community. And hence, we’ve attended, sponsored, spoken at, volunteered at a host of internationally held open-source community events. We’re also an Official Supporting Partner of,  Foundation Partner at Acquia, BigCommerce Partner, along with We’re also an active & contributing member at various communities viz. WordPress, Laravel, ReactJS, SilverStripe, et al. We’ve contributed themes, plugins, patches and maintaining various projects across various communities! 


Giving Back to the Community At Large! 

Apart from the open-source community, we feel it’s our moral responsibility to give back to the community that we’re a part of. And coming from the land of संस्कार, we’ve grown up to believe “विद्या दान,श्रेष्ठ दान।” (meaning: there’s no form of charity greater than the charity done to educate someone.) And hence, we’ve been actively doing our bit by donating our time, love & essentials to the local schools. Believe us, there’s also no other joy & success bigger than the love, affection & satisfaction you earn from those little ones!