Boost Your Business with PWA!

Boost Your Business with PWA!

We address the questions that matter the most and one such burning question, in today’s tech-world, is how investing in a particular technology can benefit one's business. So let us do the honours and throw some light on one such prevailing technology - Progressive Web Application(PWA), which can apparently amplify your business numbers. The web world is talking about it, so we also thought to talk about it. Talk, but in a way that it also turns out to be beneficial for you rather than just being informative.


Progressive Web Application bridges the gap between traditional websites and mobile applications, which is why it’s more convenient and cost-effective. Similarly, there’s a bundle of other such profitable outcomes of adapting PWA; some being monetary while some, non-monetary. But each of them eventually helps in strengthening the base of the business and helping it grow manifold. Let us introduce you to these benefits of adapting PWA and help you learn a bit more about them.

Data Consumption

Data consumption of a mobile application tends to be way more than that of a progressive web application. Also, it does not demand a lot of storage space on your phone as the native application do; neither does it require frequent updates. These factors create a favourable environment for the end-user, where they do not have to compromise on any of the features they seek out for without having to store the application or load a heavy website. This eventually, also works in the favour of business since the convenience that they see in a PWA connects them well with the brand.



The development of a PWA is much cheaper as compared to the amount that needs to spend on developing a native mobile application. And if you thought that being a cheaper option, you would have to compromise on the features, than you’re wrong. A PWA comes loaded with equally futuristic functionalities that help you generate better ROI.



The ranking of your business on Google is what affects a lot your business’ ROI. Low on storage space and higher on loading speed, boosts the ranking of a PWA site. This will eventually help your PWA to be indexed quickly, which will also aid your SEO strategy. And we all know, how much does a successful SEO plan supports in raising the ROI of your business!


Conversion Rate

Everyone on the online market has this one common complaint about their websites/application, which is the conversion rate of their visitors turning into real consumers. Sensing the seriousness of this issue, PWA has finally melted down the situation by offering a solution. The functionalities and convenience of PWA have led to a higher conversion rate. This is a result of user-friendly functionalities, convenience, and seamless browsing experience.


Headless Architecture

Since PWA is built using headless architecture, the possibility of converting a simple PWA into an eCommerce platform becomes easy and quick. One just needs to make the use of API to do this switch, which will bring in benefits of an eCommerce platform in abundance.


Robust Security

A PWA site offers robust security with the HTTPS. This ensures the safety of the visitor's data and secures the communication between the user and your site, it develops a sense of security and trust between both of you. This works highly in favour of the business, leading to increased ROI eventually.


Responsive Design & Functionality

In today’s day and age of technology, the user quite often switches between different devices viz. mobile phones, tablets, laptop. In such a situation, a PWA app gives them a standard and seamless experience across all the platform, since it comes with a responsive design and functionality. This also helps the user in cross-functionality amongst apps. This ultimately elevates the liking of a user towards PWA over app/website, creating a healthy response for a business.


The online industry has been witnessing an extensive shift towards PWA from traditional mobile applications and website. Especially, the start-ups and the businesses for whom native application app is quite a costly affair, without having to compromise over the futuristic functionalities. The rise in the usage of PWA is because of the benefits that it is bringing for the business. Got something to share on the share or some queries? Well, feel free to share it with us here. We’re all ears, always!