Countdown Begins To Shift @CG Road

Countdown Begins To Shift @CG Road

A new paradigm Ahead – Relocating to New Venue!!!

Nothing remains permanent and so as the place!

AddWeb Solution relocating to its new location and here’s some last moment thoughts passing onto mind – New paradigm of scaling performance and capacity.

It’s always grateful when we move to another location; there is mixed feelings coming. Excitement at one end and at the other hand we are gloomy. Excitement of About to shift at new place with new start and gloomy for leaving behind all the great memories & special moments of past 3 years.

We had many flawless memories with AddWeb walls, a great emotional connection. Walls of AddWeb had seen us growing from Team of 3 to 24 and still increasing. Sheer pleasure moments joy, happiness and anxiety.

Let me share you tracks and towers of AddWeb here @Vanijyabhavan!

Founded in 2012, a young company starts with Team of 3 members, pushing hard towards the work and spending day- night with these walls. All these hardships returns back in terms of huge and growing success.

Moments shared here:

  • Conquered many good works.
  • Would miss all the banter and Fun.
  • Encountered the challenging projects with jive.
  • Playing caroms, games, etc.
  • Celebrating festive together alike homely empathic.
  • Outing and dinners with Team.
  • Surprise parties and birthday bash.
  • Weekly performance chart and Monthly appraisals.

New horizons & journey continues - way towards success with more aggressiveness towards work!

We would be sharing up our new location and upcoming thoughts with next blog coming soon, keep tracking us!!!