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Docker was launched in 2013 and it’s so popular that so it doesn’t need any introduction. But still, I’ll provide some details, benefits of docker so who don’t know about docker can come to know what docker is and how it works and benefits of using Docker.

What is Docker?

Docker is a container platform solution which allows developers and organization to provide a complete solution in the form of microservices on the distributed system with security and automation in a cost-effective way.

Docker is a virtualization platform like virtual machines. The main benefit of docker-container is that it can easily spin-up and starts within some seconds. With the help of docker, one can package the app into containers and run that on all the systems where docker is installed.

Docker components:-

Docker Components

     1. Container:-

     2. Network:-

     3. Docker image:-

     4. Data-Volumes:-

How Docker works:-

  • Docker provides containerized virtualization at os level and multiple containers can be and run on single host os.

  • With the help of docker, development becomes faster and same for all environment like dev-stage and production so if one can find inconsistencies in development it can easily remove and later on all the environments it will automatically deploy on other environments.

  • With the help of docker, one can run microservices and link them with one-other and remove links too.

  • Docker can be used mainly because of its packaging facility. One can package the app and run its containers on any platform where docker is installed.

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