Dos and Don'ts while Import or Exporting Excel and CSV

Dos and Don'ts

Here's the list:

  • When we check for Import/Export file you should have to check it with multiple Browsers & OS.
  • Check the Values for each columns using Special characters for both Import/Export
  • Check the file is corrupted or not just because of the added value or due to we used different OS & browsers.
  • Check or take care when two or more fields are dependent on each other, that are imported or exported properly by that dependency.
  • When you import or Export the excel file, check the file format for that either it is CSV, XLS.
  • Check for date format if exported Excel file contains date columns as Value.
  • Number formatting shown for Numeric/Currency values should be same as on page
  • Exported file should have columns with proper column names
  • Proper Column name should be used
  • Default page sorting should be carried in the exported file as well.
  • Check the exported result using page filters, Field sorting & Report Pagination.
  • Excel file data should be formatted properly with header and footer text, date, page numbers etc. values for all pages.
  • Check by Exporting or Importing blank CSV or XLS file.
  • Check the Blank field data while importing the file, that kind of data should be set As 0,-,or N/A
  • Check if an export button is showing proper icon as per exported file type e.g. Excel file icon for xls files.
  • Check export functionality for files with very large size.
  • When we add multiple records at the same time and any error is occurred due to a missing mandatory field then other records which are proper should be added and proper information should display successfully.
  • After Importing the File, Check the Backend entries or nodes with the added values.
  • Used Filters for exporting the file & then check results.

I Hope these points are useful while testing the Import/Export functionality or there are informative quick QA points for testing. Please Share your Feedback on it.