Drupal 8 Release

Drupal 8 Release

Manatee swaths of Drupal development!!

Growing up and getting off the islands. Spark everywhere - A broader PHP engineering talent pool!!

The idea Drupal 8

The idea was to “re-scope the initiative so that it was more manageable and less daunting” says Dries Buytaert, Founder of Drupal.

How it came into existence

Continuous success of Drupal platform pushed contributors towards D8, here’s the digits and number Drupal has:

  • 1127761+ live sites
  • 1,168,980 people in 229 countries speaking 180 languages 
  • 37,930 of them are developers 
  • 30,276 modules, 2,128 themes, 930 distributions
  • 2,782 contributors to Drupal 8 so far 
  • Hundreds of Drupal books and thousands of documentation pages

The digits are still crawling high and rapidly increasing…

Cutting Edge of Drupal 8

A Killer Drupal 8 release: Drupal initiates below features:

  1. New Configuration Management
  2. Mobile in its DNA
  3. Effortless Authoring Experience
  4. Multilingual Capabilities

And many other features, you can seek more details from here.

Efforts put in D8. Thanks for tireless efforts by the contributors

Whom to congratulate?!! It’s an indefatigable efforts by Team,an incredible number of combined efforts of more than 3200 contributors on the planet.

Proof of Drupal - a legitimately global community.

How it'll change the game

Technology keeps advancing and so does Drupal!! Evolution of Drupal – Giving an Enterprise level solution.It’s a major milestone in Drupal or Open Source World and sustainability in your choice of Drupal 8 is an important factor which leads “Future-proofed” one.

D8 Release Party Ahmedabad

A dream taking shape..! Coordinating promotional for the official Drupal 8 launch party.AddWeb Solution planning to have a bash in regards to #celebr8d8 release and here are the details: 

  • Tea/coffee
  • A casual session if anybody want to share knowledge or experience on Drupal8
  • Cake and snacks
  • General discussion on how we can collaborate more to contribute

Check out more planning here and drop your views.

We would be more than happy to have all fellow Drupalists on 21st November, 2015 for Drupal bash at our premises

405, Silicon Tower, 
Above Freezland Restaurant, 
Law Garden, Off C.G. road, 
Ahmedabad-380009, India.

Ref: http://www.slideshare.net/webchickenator/evolution-of-drupal-and-the-drupal-community