Drupal CRM Core Module: User Synchronisation

Drupal CRM Core Module

Looking at the heading, lets start with what is CRM core? From drupal.org, CRM core is

“CRM Core is a set of modules for managing contacts, activities and relationships within your Drupal website. It is designed to provide a basic framework for managing these items and interacting with other components of Drupal.”

CRM core includes various tools that provides that provides support for these entities and makes it easier to support in drupal website. One of such tools is User Synchronization.

CRM Core provides the ability to link a contact record to a user account. This is very useful in maintaining relationship between user and corresponding contact. Linked contacts can be loaded from user account.

User Synchronization is part of CRM core, you need to enable the module from module list.

Drupal CRM Core Module

User synchronization configuration can be accessed from admin/config/crm-core/user-sync.

User Synchronization works in 2 ways:

  • Contact to User Management
  • Setting up user synchronization

Contact to User Management

This allows you to link specific users to specific contacts. You will find it at admin/config/crm-core/user-sync/contact-to-user-management .

Initially, this page lists all the user accounts we have on the site. It also shows the contact records they are connected with. You get set of filters on top of the page to narrow down your search. You can edit and remove sync from this screen.

Drupal CRM Core Module

Setting up user synchronization

This allows you to create rules for linking user accounts and contact records. These rules will be enforced when new user accounts are created, and also when current users are synced. We have various options here.

Add a new rule:

Drupal CRM Core Module

On this page, we can create new rule sync user role with contact type. whenever a new user is created with specified role, contact for this user with specified types is also created. This also works for existing user. We can create multiple rules and set weight for them using drag and drop

Sync current users

Drupal CRM Core Module

This allows existing users to be synced with contacts based on rules defined above.

User synchronization is used for linking user accounts with contact records. It creates new contact and links them to users and allows us to define relationships from UI. This does not take into account the contact information already stored in the system.

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