Drupal Site Deployment Over Acquia Cloud Via Command line

 Drupal site deployment over acquia cloud via command line

Acquia Cloud is a Drupal-tuned application lifecycle management suite with a complete infrastructure to support Drupal deployment workflow processes from development and staging through to production.

Acquia dev desktop works very well for Mac and windows. To move site from linux system to acquia cloud we need to use command line. Acquia docs are very well written and provides detailed info about the process.

Below are the compiled steps to move site from local system to acquia cloud from ubuntu using command line.

Pre requisite for this is that you already created a acquia site.

Once your site is set, you need to move your data on newly created site.

1 - Create drush archive

Make sure that you have drush 4.5 or later. You can use " drush version" to find version of drush you are using.

Once you have proper version of drush, run following command to create drush archive of your site.

 drush archive-dump --destination=../mysite.tar.gz

This will create drush archive in parent directory of drupal setup. This includes your database as well.

Make sure not to include files folder in this if you have very large data as acquia allows 1GB data limit for each site. This can cause problem in later steps of process when we use this archive to import site.

2 - Move site archive to acquia cloud

Make sure that you have SSH access and your SSH key is added to your account. SSH keys are located at credentials tab in your account on acquia.

To move archive, do following

 scp mysite.tar.gz [site].[env]@[server]:/mnt/gfs/[site].[env]/import

Here, [site] is name of site on acquia cloud. [env] is the environment you are using. It is one of dev, test and production. [server] is full DNS of server hosting your site.

All these details can be found at your site dashboard under "Users and keys".

 Drupal site deployment over acquia cloud via command line

[site] is the string before the @ sign and the [server] is the string after the @ sign.

3 - import the site

Login to server using SSH

ssh [site].[env]@[server]

Use same [site] ,[env] and [server] from step above.

Import the site using

drush @[site].[env] ah-site-archive-import /mnt/gfs/[site].[env]/ import/mysite.tar.gz

This command will take some time to complete depending upon how large you site is. Once done you will have your site ready on acquia cloud.