DrupalCon Dublin 2016 – Bringing Back Galore Of Memories!

DrupalCon Dublin 2016

So you guys could not make it to the DrupalCon Dublin 2016. We must admit that you did certainly miss a lot of action. Nevertheless, as promised, here is a recollection of everything that made DrupalCon Dublin so very special.

DrupalCon Dublin 2016 – Bringing back galore of memories!

How often does one get a chance to jazz up the start to their day with games, singalong activities and some feet thumping Irish Dance? This is how Dublin welcomed us, warmed-up us and ensured we were all geared up for five days of learning, fun and community service. Day 1 gave us good insights about the ever adaptive Drupal and how it has changed since the release of its version 8. It also highlighted the fact that why Drupal still remains the most preferred open source and endless opportunities it offers which are yet to be explored. It reinforced our belief in the technology and AddWeb Solution’s constant endeavors to use this technology for the betterment of our clients’ businesses. The same day also offered us an opportunity to think business from different perspective and recycle an obsolete idea into a profit-making business line. Business Summit as they called it made us really work on our Grey Matter; where we had to discuss our Business ideas with C Levels and guess what? It paid-off! The team we were a part of, won the competition titled 'Turn Worst Business Idea into Best' with the crazy topic ‘Criminal Coders’. Day 2 started with #DriesNote and offered us great learning when different organizations put forth their exhibits and presentations widening our prospects of understanding Drupal from a client’s and the organization’s perspective. While the days were busy with serious learning and sharing, the evenings gave us the parties, exploring Dublin and some out-of-the-world gastronomical indulgences among the Boat parties with some old friends and obviously networking with the new ones. Day 3 & 4 was what makes Drupal special – a community which is bonded with the sole purpose of “Community Service” and “Giving back”. With quizzes, fun sessions and talks, the event concluded on a highnote for us. The moment of pride for AddWeb Solution was when we could pat our backs for Community Service not only through our intellect but also by being one of its Sponsors. Another experience which made our 3rd day extremely special was when the visitors to the Exhibition booth showered on us praises and compliments like Most Colorful & Lively Booth in the entire DrupalCon Exhibition!

DrupalCon Dublin 2016 – Bringing back galore of memories!

Last day made us thank Heavens for not missing out on DrupalCon at Dublin which was all about sprints and the sprinter workshop and we were fortunate to meet the Evangelist herself – our lovely Angela Byron and witness her in action LIVE!

While Drupal kept us on our toes from morning to evening, the beauty and magnificence of Dublin left us awestruck whenever we explored it. Amidst the classical structures of Dublin which date back to centuries, the contemporary modern day structure Convention Centre Dublin around river the river Liffey– which was also the venue to the event, was one of the most amazing structures ever witnessed.

Did we mention our visit to Guinness Storehouse? Well, you need to visit to feel it :-D

Instead of being just another community gathering, DrupalCon Dublin 2016, got us to imbibe more, experiment more, enjoy more and also to contribute more! Our big thanks to organizers, volunteers, mentors and the Drupal Community as a whole who made this event a great success!

As we put to practice the insights of these exciting three days, we look forward to again contribute in all possible way to DrupalCon 2017 Baltimore, USA to make it bigger and better. Hope to see you there ☺