Exciting Journey - DrupalCamp Brighton 2016

DrupalCamp Brighton

After coming back from DrupalCamp London which took place in February, I was eagerly waiting for another exciting experience, come June and there was DrupalCamp happening in Brighton! I decided not to miss out on an opportunity and hopped on a flight to Brighton!

Brighton is a wonderful place, a seaside resort which is at the heart of greater Brighton city region. The weather in the month of June isn’t too harsh. Days were quite sunny and peaceful. DrupalCamp Brighton was organized at City College, Brighton on 18th & 19th June 2016 was well connected with public transport, making it a perfect choice to host an event like DrupalCamp.

The event had a number of great sessions lined up for 2 days, it was a nice learning opportunity for techies and non-techies alike. What makes DrupalCamp great is the active participation of people and the level of enthusiasm which prevails in them for learning and meeting new people. I was particularly excited to gather with some old friends and I could not have asked for a better opportunity to catch up with them and discuss new ideas. From the sessions, I gathered valuable insights into digital business strategies and project management, not to miss the D8! The event saw on an average 15 sessions in a span of two days.

AddWeb Solution was a proud sponsor at the event, it feels great to have become a part of a contribution culture and having played a role in making events like DC Brighton quite successful. It instills a sense of pride in me when I see AddWeb becoming a face of such events and gathering recognition from participants and organizers alike.

The greater turn of events came after the camp was over, the UK referendum and the #Brexit Earthquake! It came as quite a shock to most of the people I met and there remains a great skepticism on the consequences which will follow in the near future. I indeed feel lucky to have witnessed such a historical judgement firsthand.

Next thing I know, I was on a flight to get back to India, the week at Brighton passed in the blink of an eye! An experience worth remembering and memories worth cherishing! Saying goodbye to a place like this is always hard, I look forward to attending camp in Brighton as soon as possible! “Until we meet again, Brighton…”