Flashback 2016

4th Anniversary of AddWebSolution

Twenty sixteen… indeed has been sweet sixteen… as we gear up to rock 2017, let's pause for a few moments, and take a sneak-peek into our Eureka and Euphoria moments which rocked and shocked us in pleasure ☺ 

Self Improvisation – The Key To Success  

When you compete with yourself, you emerge out as a sure shot winner! This was our resolution for 2016 which we carry forward in 2017 too! We collaborated, brainstormed and put in every ounce of efforts to push our limitations and set in new records for ourselves. That’s how we advanced in our Project Delivery process and using GIT for Agile methodology, our on-time ratio along with success rate for Project Delivery sky rocketed.  

Collaboration with Industry Expertise

When the world is rapidly changing the meaning of work place and brick & mortar no longer signify an Office, we too took our step forth. Partnering with Acquia, we opened our gates to Global talent to collaborate with us on our projects and to Global clients for us to serve to their needs. Thus we become the certified Acquia Partner in India offering expertise for Drupal.

Strengthening Global Presence

It wasn’t long before when we explored global market specially the European region and in no time 2016 saw us getting stronger in the European Markets – all thanks to our teams who not only lived upto the clients’ expectations but excelled in technical expertise as well.   

Happy Clients Is Happy Us  

“Every great business is built on friendship.” – JC Penney 

Our clients have been our friends; not only friends but happy friends which is why 86% of our business in the year 2016 came through repeated clients. Because our clients were happy, we were happy. It showed in our working pattern, our day-to-day interactions when we had more people joining us and lesser members leaving us. Our cohort became more cohesive, strengthened and dexterous.  We laughed together, we ate together and we learned together with numerous knowledge sharing and exploring sessions. 

In trying to give our team force, a seamless experience, we bid farewell to old technology and took to Slack – enabling faster team collaboration and 24x7 global team connectivity. The intelligent Mac replaced our old systems, adding a touch of evolving and niche technology to our office infrastructure.      

We Drupal Everyday   

Sounds familiar? Well, that’s what we say about Drupal. If we went gaga all over the board for Drupal and its benefits, we ensured we also encash on the benefits Drupal provides. So, our professional web development engineers proudly rolled out the new website of Addweb Solution in the latest version of Drupal i.e Drupal 8. 

Moving out of the comfort zone

Over the years, if Drupal has become our comfort zone, we thought to again kick-start our brains, get our hands on something new and leave a mark there too! What better than setting footprints in the WordPress and Laravel.  

“If it isn’t mobile, it isn’t existing.” So we took up Ionic too, a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. 

Yes, so we succeeded in broadening our avenues and offering our clients a bigger basket of utilities. 

Icing on the cake

With 2016 giving us so much we could not have asked for more. But then, the pinnacle of all events was still waiting for us. Addweb Solution made its presence felt in all the Drupal Community events of 2016. Be it DrupalCon Asia, DrupalCamp London, Drupal Camp Brighton and the concluding DrupalCon Dublin, with every event, we became bigger and better. The pinnacle moment for us came when we registered our First Ever DrupalCon Sponsorship for the event at Dublin. The journey which started as a faceless attendee came to a point where we become the Face of the event! 

This happiness doubled when Addweb Solution found its place among Top 25 Drupal Global Rank holding organizations – what rightly can be said as a journey from NOWHERE to NOW-HERE The ELITE club.   

2016 has been truly eventful. We thank each and every little contribution of known and unknown minds who helped us climb the ladder of success. We do not wish to stop here. The legacy that we have built over the years, the faith we have garnered from our clients, we wish to go on and on… as Robert Frost says, in 2017 “We have promises to keep…. And miles to go…..”