Growing Community Presence/Fostering Contribution Culture Journey

Nowhere to Elite group member, We had seen Blog about Let’s foster Contribution - Now, let's get the background history of how we reached to the common Goal..?

“Today, more people use Open Source, but fewer people contribute back than ever before. And everybody else assumes that others are doing” - Nadia Eghbal

This was not an overnight decision, it took a couple of days to study and understand the concept. And finally we got an idea of it and we jump into Community to contribute and get involved in many ways.

February 2015, we started our Journey as the novice over Community. Journey

I remember the look and feel of Company page was different where on the right side of the page - Team members were displayed. We started like tortoise “Slow and Steady”.

Started creating profiles of each Drupal team member.
Pushing Team member’s hard towards contribution. And over the time it became habit and part of our process.

We started with normal doubt solving postings and maintaining track records. Journey

Days passed and we found a post where we can apply the patch to it. Vivek Chauhan - Our Themer put his leg forward to apply for the patch. Journey

And guess what..!! It was not uploaded successfully, our patch failed. :( Disappointing moment for team who put in their efforts. But team didn’t stop their efforts and kept trying with different patches and resolving issues and we got our first success with patch submitted by Snehal Brahmbhatt - Our Senior Core/Drupal Developer. 

The Team gained confidence and were now aware of the process followed for:

Submitting patch with correct the patch name.
Commit properly through Git.
Applying “Needs Review” status.
End User OR Tester tests the patch and puts “RTBC” status.
And then owner commits the patch to latest release. Journey

An Year passed and team increased from 15 to 30 people. Gradually, competition took place between team members of contributing more and more..

Force became competition and then a habit. AddWebers works of a common goal - foster contribution culture. 

Contributions in Gujarati Translations: We are among the Top 3 contributors. Journey

Moving one step forward - We got our very first Module co-maintainership with Media Recorder. And journey continued with targeting more.. Journey

And then team was unstoppable with getting credits and appreciations #kudos over #slack. Journey Journey

And AddWeb's Journey continues..!!!