How to Make a Website Pixel Perfect

How to Make a Website Pixel Perfect

Check out some tricks for designing testing by using various way with Responsive and Resizing.

  • Fields used in any pages like textbox, radio buttons, dropdown etc. lists should be aligned properly either by Left or Right.
  • Values used As Numeric should be right justified unless specified.
  • Spaces between Each Error or validation messages, Columns, Rows should be consistent for all pages
  • Check for Scroll bar which should be enabled only when necessary...
  • Font Family, size, style and color for the headline, description text, labels, Input data should be as per the standard requirement. For Testing - Use ColorZilla, WhatFont Add-ons.      
  • Text box for Description should be multi-line for the end user.
  • When the fields are disabled it should be grayed & non - clickable.
  • On click on any input text field, mouse arrow should be a cursor.
  • Input values filled by users should be highlighted when there is an error or validation message on page submission. After correcting the errors user should be able to submit the form.
  • Dropdown list options or values are readable and should not be truncated due to field size limit.
  • Page Content should be left justified.
  • The user can select only one radio option and any combination for check boxes.
  • Check design should be compatible in different browsers with different OS.
  • Alignment from top to bottom(Header to footer) and left to right should be proper.
  • Buttons or Links to different pages should be easily visible and consistent on all webpages
  • Hover and select effect on fields, links, button etc. should be consistent and highlight properly.
  • Check Images for the different section should be displayed properly and should resize as per required size for a section.Check by uploading different size of image, Also by Portrait & Landscape images
  • Check editor works as expected with front CSS.
  • Check sections size or Image size using scaling and measurement tools. For Testing - Use PageRuler, Measureit  Add-ons.
  • Check responsive design and make sure website works on multiple devices. Text, images, blocks etc. should not display out of the screen. For Testing: Use Resize Window, Emulator, Device Mode
  • Menus should design properly for responsive or devices and should be consistent on all pages. Also, check Menu in responsive view, it should display with Hamburger icon.
  • Check content should not be overlapped within section or block and should not go outside across the block on devices.
  • Also, We can follow the design testing as per W3C standard format using this, it shows all the errors & warning related to web design service standard.

Add-ons for testing design for different purposes: 

  • Responsive Testing - Resize Window, Simulator, Emulator, Device Mode     
  • Text, Images, Frames - ColorZilla, WhatFont, Perfect Pixel    
  • Section, Image Size - Page Ruler, MeasurIt
  • W3C HTML Checker  
  • Javascript errors notifiers 

Hope this blog helped you in making your website work flawlessly and you can also refer our website testing blog. Feel free to provide your vital feedbacks, suggestions are welcomed!