How To Start Testing Journey

How to Start Testing Journey

"QA is not only about finding mistakes, it’s about Quality".

As it proved your first impression is your last impression & as specially for tester’s there are so many stones as bugs in your testing ways. To help you to start your testing journey with some quick & interesting points review the below mentioned basic points to startup.

  • First Check Cases for blank fields or use the alternate blank fields.
  • Check Whole site for spelling mistakes.
  • Tool tips text should be meaningful
  • Default page sorting should be provided.
  • In any form, one radio button must be marked by default.
  • All numeric values should be formatted properly.
  • For all fields there should be a placeholder text or example value.
  • The validation message should not content any data like no/ not. It should be in positive way.
  • The data or field can’t be overlapped in any resolution.
  • Check  time & proper validation i.e image size 8 MB, supporting document i.e .pdf .zip, .csv, display properly while uploading time. Image should not be blur & if image is not loaded or displayed then, it should show the alt text.
  • All error messages should be displayed in same CSS style (e.g. using red color) and General confirmation messages should be displayed using CSS style other than error messages style (e.g. using green color).
  • Dropdown fields should have first entry as text like ‘Please Select’.
  • Delete/update functionality for any record on page should ask for confirmation.
  • Check all input fields for special characters.
  • Check broken links throughout the application/software.
  • Check broken Images throughout the application/software.
  • Check Date & font- family consistency throughout site.
  • Check All button & links with having functionality & same consistency for css throughout the site.
  • Amount values should be displayed with correct currency symbols.
  • Reset button functionality should set default values for all fields.
  • Check Add & edit contents with added details, it should be the same. 
  • Application crash or unavailable pages should be redirected to custom error page.
  • The links which are provided in email for verification must be link(proper URL) & clickable on every provider and have expiry time.
  • Perform browser compatibility test site in different browser (i.e google chrome, Mozilla, safari, i.e.) Perform OS compatibility Test application with different OS like mac and windows.
  • Dummy/test  content must be removed from the site after testing.

Hope this blog helps you to get the basic way to startup your testing journey. You can also refer our types of testing  blog and Share your views and feedback.