Ionic - The King Of The Hybrid Mobile App Development Market!

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Ionic framework has come a long way from the day of its launching, back in the year 2012. Started with an intention of giving a better platform to create applications, Ionic has today become the most favoured cross-platform mobile development technology stack. Six years down the line, Ionic is today an indisputable answer to one of the best frameworks for hybrid mobile app development. Let’s learn why? Because we’ve jotted down quite a few legit reasons to prove it to be true!


The Role of AngularJS

AngularJS and Ionic

Ionic is touching heights and AngularJS is the force behind it. The most prominent and powerful library of JavaScript fuels Ionic and multiplies the possibility of growth and expansion. Adapting AngularJS was one of the smartest choices made by the founding member of Drifty - the company that coded and created Ionic. This adaption of Angular has also revolutionized the market of hybrid mobile applications, by eliminating the issues that were holding it back from growing huge. Want to build an Ionic Hybrid Mobile App by your own self? Here’s a tutorial that might come to your help!

Why choose Ionic?

Ionic App Development

Multiple reasons gather-up to make Ionic the perfect choice for building a mobile app. But the most prominent one of all is definitely its universal nature, which saves both the developer’s time and money. So, let’s start with this first and then move on to the other significant facets of it that equally acts as a deciding factor.


1) One App for Multiple Operating System

Redoing the codes, every time a mobile application is to be made for a different operating system is tiresome. And that is one of the major reason, why Ionic has become the developer’s favorite choice. With Ionic, the developers can reuse the same application code with every new operating system; be it windows, iOS or Android for that matter.


2) Easy to use

Simple drag and drop components, native push notifications, the iconic library with multiple icon designs, freedom to do both - develop and test the website simultaneously, source code update - things can’t be accomplished with such a flair anywhere else. No wonder, Ionic is prominently being picked as the front-end platform by the developers.


3) Open Source Community

Ionic is an open-source framework with a highly active community that voluntarily works to make it grow. The major job of the community remains in suggesting the fixes to the development team. And on the other side, the experts of Ionic from its core team are allowed to make the final changes. This is also something, that has helped in building and retaining trust in Ionic.


4) UI Design Components

Just like the already available icon designs, Ionic also offers multiple UI design elements as well as themes with typography. Various CSS and Javascript components are also offered, which are extremely easy to be adapted for different platforms.


5) Browser Support

Browser support is a major issue with most of the hybrid mobile application, Ionic has resolved it for itself. The ES6 helps in running an application irrespective of its compatibility with the browser. And that is done with the help of Babel, which is like a transcompiler that ultimately helps in speeding up the development process. It also helps in altering the JS library, present in the ES6, to meet the application’s requirement.


Top Ionic Hybrid Mobile App Adapters:

Top Ionic Hybrid Mobile App Adapters

1) Pacifica

A therapeutic application, revolving around the cognitive behavior of a human. The app consists of mood and health trackers, through analysis, socializing with public and private groups, et al.


2) Sworkit

A fitness based application that provides the users with a range of video tutorials for a workout; and that too without the need of any types of equipment.


3) ChefSteps

A recipe sharing for the ones who love cooking. ChefSteps was an early adopter of the Ionic Hybrid Mobile App, who sat with the core creators of Ionic for their own app development.


4) MarketWatch

An application for sharing news related to the stock market, financial market and business market as a whole.


5) National Museum of African-American History & Culture

As the name suggests, the National Museum of African-American History and Culture (NMAAHC) application is created to share the required information to the museum visitors, prior to their visit.


The above are just a few names from the pool of Ionic Hybrid Mobile App users. Explore a few more in here.

Ionic is a leading game player and game changer in the entire mobile app development industry. Multiple facets of it have contributed to such an impressive success of Ionic. Creation components, browser support with the crosswalk, using Cordova plugins, etc are few of the other contributing factors that have made Ionic what it is today. No wonder, the extensive growth of the Ionic against all other Hybrid Mobile App Development options in the market today!