Let’s Foster Contribution!

Lets contribute hard

“In open source we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved” – Linus Torvalds

Contribution, in the world of open source holds paramount importance. Why? You ask. Because community is the driving force behind the success of any open source software, more the contributors better the functionality.

Drupal is one such open source project and is completely free to use, it has grown its user base and is only getting stronger after the release of its 8th iteration last year. So, one wonders, who can be credited for such a massive success of Drupal? Contributors! Of-course. Dries, founder and project lead of the Drupal, has previously mentioned that, “It’s really the Drupal community and not so much the software that makes the Drupal project what it is. So fostering the Drupal community is actually more important than just managing the code base.”

We Indians staunchly believes in something called “Karma”, which roughly translates to the deeds done by you, and according to ancient texts, “Giving back” and “Contributing” holds the highest level of importance, this school of thought has always encouraged and inspired us to enthusiastically give back whenever and wherever possible.

In the past when the team AddWeb was just getting started with Drupal, we have acted as selfish “free-riders”, you see in economic terms, free rider is someone who uses a public good but who does not pay anything (or pay enough) towards its cost or production. So, considering Drupal as a public good, available for free to use, “free-riders” can create an issue. After fully realizing the problem and understanding our responsibility as users, we have rigorously started the community contribution. Contribution can be made in a variety of ways, you can contribute the code, you can contribute financially, you can contribute your knowledge, you can contribute your time to spread awareness, etc. Here are the ways to get involved in the contribution.

Now, after making up your mind about contribution, next question which comes to mind is the HOW? How do I do all this? How do I get started? Plenty of people want to get involved in open source, but don’t know where to start. Many people are daunted by what they imagine is a high barrier to entry into a project. Drupal offers a guide on How to get started, you can review it, and once done can smoothly delve yourself into the community.

Contribution comes with an added advantage, not only does it help Drupal grow, but also helps you acquire variety of useful skills along the way. Skills which can be crucial for both your personal and professional growth. Let’s here of from some of our active contributors at AddWeb:

Deepali, Senior Developer, who is a member for now almost 3 years, mentions

“I love contributing to various projects and solving issues, it feels great from the inside that, how even after solving 1 issue, I may have made things easier for someone and with that touched probably many lives. Getting a simple thank you note or a small recognition from someone can be completely priceless”

Vivek, who is a theming ninja, mentions that,

“Contribution is the best way to learn unusual things, you can come across something absolutely new or bizarre, and finding your way around it can be really fulfilling. It enhances your problem solving ability, allows you to grasp new concepts, and of-course, better ways of working!”

Snehal, who is a senior developer mentions that,

“I admire the contribution culture in Drupal community because community itself is so vibrant, it’s one of the largest and most happening communities in the world of open source. I get to come across some really interesting people, learn their ways of working or solving issues, get to talk directly with some Drupal rockstars and understand something which otherwise could have taken days for me to get around, I only look forward to increase my contribution & engagement with community in the future”

We as an organization collectively contribute towards Drupal by sponsoring & volunteering at many events held worldwide. We have been a sponsor at DrupalCamp Brighton, Bristol & London this year. It feels amazing to know the increased awareness inside the community about contribution, and we can proudly say that future of Drupal is in safe and VERY capable hands.

“Come for the code, stay for the community"