London Eye – Drupal Camp 2016

Memories of DrupalCamp London

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to land at the Heathrow. The temperature outside is nearing a “Zero Figure” with strong winds and short spells of rain; whether to use the jacket or a raincoat, we leave that upto you. For those attending the Drupal Camp London 2016, you needn’t worry; for the events and the excitement building up at the venue will surely keep you warm! Thank you for flying with us. Hope you had a great flight!


Thus began AddWeb Solution’s Drupal Camp London 2016 journey. Volunteering for Drupal Community has always had its own charm and contentment; contentment of contributing to the community. Precisely that’s why London camp 2016, we did not let go of this opportunity of being Volunteers; and we moved a step up by becoming the Beverage Partners / Coffee Sponsors.

Unprecedented enthusiasm, quality speakers and industry prospering discussions; it was indeed no less than a festive gathering. The camp also ensured that Work and Play went hand in hand. While the day time session saw all coming together for the upliftment and better of the community, social night ensured we partied hard.

Camp as they call it was nothing less than a camping experience. We caught up with our old friends, viz. clients turned friends, leading to never ending conversations and interactions. All these aided us in meeting newer people, reach out to our potential clients and thus enter into a great symbiosis.

Amongst all these exciting events happening, how could we not take note of the fabulous city of London. So fast paced it is, that one literally needs to rush to be in line (Just Kidding) and the city’s transportation system has had a huge impact on its pace. So seamless is the city transportation that one is left flabbergasted with the pace, amenities and its benefit.

Icing on the cake for us was when from being a faceless identity AddWeb Solution’s presence was taken note of. We were overwhelmed when our contribution as volunteers and participation as Sponsors made Drupal Community & Drupal Market Place India identify us and recognize our work potential in the field of Drupal. But one cannot ride two horses at a time. While we basked in glory at London, we missed our warm office parties back home in India.

But all’s well that ends well – aptly sums our Drupal Camp London 2016 visit. The marked difference in the Brand identity for AddWeb Solutions from arrival to departure from London says it all. Earnestly, AddWeb looks forward to the next community meet, where again we can learn, unlearn and reinvent ourselves for the betterment of our clients.