Looking Back at 2015 as we Look Forward to 2016

Looking Back at 2015 as we Look Forward to 2016

When the year 2014 was about to culminate, Facebook launched a video for individual accounts which showcased the year as a flashback, making everyone on Facebook go crazy. We weren’t as excited then as we have been right now! When we sit back and take a look at our “The Year that was – 2015” for AddWeb Solution, our joy knows no bounds. Simply, because, we have not one, not two, but countless reasons to celebrate, cheer and continue with the dedication and diligence our work towards excellence.

AddWeb had a New Address

The year started off with a bang as it was a “Home Coming” feeling for all – Moving to our Own Office and saying goodbye to rented premises. Situated in the heart of commercial area, C.G. Road is where the Team Addweb sits everyday and puts in efforts for creating breakthroughs. Better infrastructure also meant strengthened workforce! We welcomed new folks as they commenced their journey with AddWeb Solution.

Strengthened Cohort and wide-spread presence

Empowered workforce enabled us to grow holistically. Vivid Community Platforms reflected our presence with the pinnacle being 1600+ reputation reach on Stack Overflow. When the entire world banks on online presence, there are certain events which create impact due to their offline nature. Conferences are among such events and Lo! Where did we start from – Brighton, UK, for DrupalCamp in January 2015. After Brighton, DrupalCamp London which was in February was our next destination. Came May and we flew to La La Land – aka Los Angeles! AddWeb attended the DrupalCon LA 2015 –which was held from May 11 to May 15, 2015. Our next endeavor took us to NYC Camp – A mission driven Open Source Conference @ UN in July 2015 where AddWeb not only participated but was an individual partner and a volunteer. Our American sojourn did not end here. AddWeb also attended the Drupal GovCon at Bethesda, Maryland. Our quest for more made us attend these various camps & conferences where we gathered valuable insights.

Sharpened our Wits & tested our Skills

As the year progressed, the team produced stellar results by rolling out Extensions for various technologies i.e.

Magento Extension - “Advance Reservation”, “One step Checkout”, “State Entry Forms

Yii Module: Newsletter extension contributed for Yii1 and Yii2.

“A little learning is a dangerous thing” says Alexander Pope. That is why we believe in continual learning and evolving; and who can be a better teacher than Mr Saurabh Dhariwal, our Project Manager. Today if Team AddWeb has been able to deliver high industry-based coding standards, than it is because of our strict yet jovial Project Manager who knows how to bring out the best from the team. It was also during this time that the team learnt and started the implementation of DevOps.

Turning Festive

“All work and no play make Jack / Jane a dull boy /girl” and we certainly did not want our Jacks and Janes to be bored out. Celebrating festivals together is one secret tip to a healthy team - it gives one the necessary boost and also nurtures the team spirit. Occasion and days like Valentine day, Holi-Dhuleti, Diwali, Vivid Days (Twins Day, Executive Day, Traditional Day, AddWeb Day), Christmas were among the days when we all partied hard and enjoyed the togetherness of all as AddWeb Family.

There is nothing like an official party – when you join the celebrations around the world and pledge to work towards excellence. Drupal 8 Release Party was one such occasion where everybody pledged to collaborate and contribute more with Drupal.

Rewards for our brigade

With all the hardwork put in, it was also unfair on part of the organization to let go of all the efforts unnoticed; which AddWeb was certainly not going to do. Thus came the Monthly Goody Day, when Monthly Rewards & Certificates of Honors were handed out to the star performers; thus boosting the morale and encouraging them to continue with their winning stride.

As the year concluded, these amazing facts & figures was all that we could have asked for as the New Year’s gift!

Team strength: 29+  

Projects Encountered: 30+

Repeat Clients: 89%

New Clients being added to the Kitty and praising the services of AddWeb

As Teresa Collins puts it “A successful business requires one simple thing – PASSION”, we could achieve all of this due to strategic roadmaps of our Business heads, the incessant efforts of our team and the love & faith shown in us by our clients.

AddWeb Solutions promises a promising year 2016, where it will strive for great business growth; the fuel to this rocketing march being an amalgam of PASSION + HARDWORK + TEAM SPIRIT.

As we initiate the year 2016, among the many eventful days, we look forward the most to the event of DrupalCamp London 2016 where AddWeb takes a giant leap as one of the sponsorer of the event! And last but not the least most awaitedDrupalCon Asia 2016.

Keep checking our Blog section for more updates..Stay Tuned!!!