Magento Extension - Advance Reservation

Magento Advanced Reservation Extension

AddWeb Solution – Bang on once again!!!

One more impeccable extension successfully approved by Magento community.

Why we built Advanced Reservation

Today the globe has become smaller and faster with the help of internet and we all need to be fast to match with the world.

We built Advanced Reservation to make product booking simple and faster. The thought of the fascinating leisurely process of booking product and services and remove the confusion about the number of products to be booked, motivated us to come up with an extension.

General Features

AddWeb Solution contributed such fully customized extension where the number of products required is auto calculated by considering the need for user and capacity of the product.

This extension will calculate a final amount to be paid after considering the type of reservation, number of adults, number of child and number of days of reservation.

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Key Features

  • Free Installation: Reduce you with cost-free setup and installation.
  • Customizable: Allows you to customize front end and back end functionality with 100% customizing options including product custom option which includes:

            1. Reserved type
            2. Adult-type
            3. Child type
            4. Start date and end date

  • Automatic product calculation for the booking as per a number of people. The previous date disables option on the front end.
  • It would display price per day and price would be automatically calculated as per the difference of provided dates.
  • A user cannot update the minimum calculated quantity of products.

Advanced Reservation is well-defined, thoroughly tested fully customized extension.

We Addweb Solution are all set with 100% dedication to contribute more concrete extensions to Magento Community and if you need to Hire Magento Developer.