NEDCamp 2017- One More DrupalCamp Attended, One More Milestone Crossed!

NED Camp 2017

“We Drupal Everyday” - this very catchphrase of AddWeb is enough to portray our love and dedication for Drupal. And it is our this love for Drupal that has taken us on the tour of DrupalCamp, across the world. This time our Drupal-destination was NEDCamp, held in Worcester city of the United States of America.


Our excitement and enthusiasm being at its peak, brought us to the city a little earlier before the camp commences. Though we’ve been attending, volunteering and sponsoring Drupal Camps ever since 2015, our curiosity and zest remained as high as the first-timers. And like every time, this time too we wanted to attend every single session. But alas! We could only make it up for just a few to them. Amongst which Kelly Albrecht’s session on Agile Design, Jason Pamental’s session on variable fonts and the future of web design, AmyJune Hineline’s session on the simplicity of Git-in, et al were high on our list. And oh! How can we forget Drupal 8!! NEDCamp brought us a galore of opportunities learn about Drupal 8. And then there were BOF (Bird Of Feather) sessions, where we got to sit and discuss our queries and concerns around Drupal with the like-minded Drupal-ers around the world.


Every Drupal camp we visit, bring us a new perspective and motivation to contribute even more towards Drupal. And do you know, what part of Drupal Camp brings us the maximum amount of motivation? It’s the social gatherings that they organise like lunch sessions and dinner nights. We look forward to them not just because we get to meet and greet fellow Drupal-ers, but also because it’s here where we get to meet some old friends and make a few new ones! All of us, coming from diverse countries and cities, brings a diverse range of cultural perspective. We get a chance to get exposed to a whole new sociological aspect of different beings, ranging from food, customs, languages, beliefs, et al - all under one single roof. Believe us, this gives us a different high!


Of course, it’s needless to say but NEDCamp 2017 was indeed a very fruitful experience, alike every other DrupalCamp that we have been a part of. It would be unfair if we wouldn’t thank all the sponsors, organisers and of course the volunteers - who selflessly contributed their time and energy for the betterment of the community. Thank you guys, you made it happen once again!


Many more #DrupalCamps to attend, sponsor and volunteer! Many more contributions to be made towards the most robust open source framework - Drupal!