Optimise Images, Optimise Your WordPress Site!

Optimise Images, Optimise Your WordPress Site!

An optimised site is capable of yielding fruitful results. And hence, it’s crucial for every website owner to scrutinise and analyse their website score from time to time and act as per the recommendation. Only then one can gain their desired outcomes. No one technique works in solitude, it’s always about how well you maintain your site on the whole. So, after sharing a list of techniques to optimise your WordPress site, here we share a little more about one of its highly significant technique - Image Optimisation. 

We shared a 2-blog series, talking in-depth about all possible techniques that can help you in optimising the speed and performance of your WordPress site. But since, in today’s day & age, it’s more about showing than telling, images & videos have taken a front-seat on most of the website that we visit today. It works better in conveying what the website owner strives to convey & earn better conversion rates. All the benefits accepted, one major setback of these images is that they slow down the website by taking extra time to load.

So, let us share a few techniques with you, where you can continue using these images without letting them affect the performance of your WordPress website. 

Optimise Images, Optimise Your WordPress Site!

Save the Right Dimensions

  • Open the images in Photoshop with a 100% viewable ratio, which is the exact size of the image. 

  • This is also the actual size of the image that will be displayed on your website when opened on a desktop/laptop. 

Save Images for Web

  • You can reduce the size of the image without degrading the visual quality of the same.

  • Photoshop’s ‘Save for Web’ function is one of the highly recommended one for this. 


  • Open your image in Photoshop and go to File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy)

  • A window will appear that will allow you to choose your export quality.

  • The quality of 60 is recommended since it reduces the size of the image file into a megabyte without any visual difference in its quality. 

Compress Images for Web

  • One of the easiest methods of reducing the size of the image file is compressing it. 

  • Compressing is a technique that eliminates the hidden & unnecessary data in the image file like additional colour profiles, metadata, et al. 

Image Compression Applications/Services:

Though not a rocket-science, Image Optimisation for your WordPress site is a technique to be applied with utter care. Because, while fixing the adverse effects of the same on the performance of the website, you can also not afford to lose on the quality of the same. So, in case you have some queries on the same, feel free to get in touch with our expert team of WordPress Developers. You can also write to us if you’ve got some suggestions for us on the same. We’re all ears!