Pantheon For Drupal Development Service


What is pantheon?

Pantheon is a Web development platform for open-source Drupal and WordPress based websites. It is an app-specific PaaS(Platform as a service) provider.

How pantheon differs from others?

  • Developer Dashboard : Manage your websites, see developer activity, and apply site-wide fixes, and set role-based access from a single dashboard.
  • One-Click Core Updates : Update Drupal core with a single click to stay on top of website performance and security.
  • Continuous Integration : Integrate code and release often—develop on the platform or use Git for version control. Each site comes with identical dev, test, and live environments.
  • Advanced Caching : Varnish and Redis are built into the platform to provide high-speed edge caching and robust application caching.

Migrate an Existing Site to Pantheon

Prepare Your Site For Export - Put the source site into maintenance mode by going to Configuration > Development > Maintenance in Drupal. This will prevent the contents of your database from getting out of sync while you’re exporting.

Upgrade to the latest version of Drupal core. If your site runs an old version of core, pantheon import process forces you to upgrade.

How to Interact With Code?

There are two ways to add and update your site's code: Git source code management and SFTP.

  • Git Connection Mode : Standard git process with all git commands. For more info click  here
  • SFTP Connection Mode : You can develop directly on the server using SFTP mode. For more info click  here


Introduction of Terminus

Terminus is Pantheon's command line interface. It allows you to do everything in a terminal that you can do in the Dashboard. You can access all your environments using terminus and perform drush commands on server.

Install terminus from here

After installing terminus you need to authenticate your identity to access sites via terminus.


List Your Current Sites : terminus sites show

You can perform drush commands using from terminus. For example if you want to download ctools to your site, use below terminus command.

terminus drush "dl ctools" --site=your-site-name --env=dev

--site : Your site name

--env : Site environment, it could be dev/test/live

You can commit site code from server itself, terminus site code commit.

Further you can review following links for more details about terminus: