Regularly Check Your Website’s Score & Keep Your Website Healthy!

Regularly Check Your Website’s Score & Keep Your Website Healthy!

All of us go for a health check-up, at a regular interval, to stay aware of our health conditions and act accordingly. Don’t we? Well, how often do you check the health of your website? Do you know that your website is healthy and optimised enough to rank on the Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs)? If not, take our free recommendation which consists of even some free medications for checking your website’s score.

Here we present you a list of popular tools, which you can use to detect the health of your website aka the website’s SEO score. Get this complete analysis report of your website, for you can only fix the problem that you’re aware of! 

Regularly Check Your Website’s Score & Keep Your Website Healthy!

Google PageSpeed Insights
Google provides you with a tool, free of cost, which provides you with the performance report of your website along with a list of recommendations for increasing the website’s performance. This tool works even-handedly for both the desktop as well as the mobile version of the website. 

GTmetrix is also a free tool that analyses your website’s performance and generates a score of your web pages. It also grasps information from several other online tools for tracing & analysing your website’s score and present you with a report of the same. 

Yet another free tool to help you gain the performance analysis of your website. It tells you when your site is down and also presents you with a list of recommendations to elevate the same. The performance report shared by Pingdom is well-categorized under sections like page analysis, performance grade, waterfall analysis, et al. 

A completely free and all-comprehensive tool, which provides every service from website speed test, web performance monitoring to website analysis. A detailed report provided by Dareboost comes with a well-crafted suggestion with a graphical representation for better understanding.

Each of these tools provides you with a detailed and well-studied analysis of your website performance. But acting upon the lacking factors of the website still remains under your responsibility. Just like a doctor can provide you with your health-related reports and medications. But in order to improve your health, it’s you who need to consume the medication. So, do the needful and let us know where we can help you with our experience & expertise to optimise the performance of your website!