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SilverStripe Web Development Service

Once a newbie, Silverstripe today is a striking framework and content management system(CMS) used to create websites and web applications that are awe-inspiring both on technical as well as design front. In last few years, the expert techies of the industry are sighting a tremendous boom of SilverStripe. Released back in the year 2006, SilverStripe is an open source community that has proven its worth by constructing highly customized websites from varied industries viz. The banking sector, government agencies, local councils, agriculture, et al. In fact, SilverStripe was the platform that ran the US Democratic National Convention website, which supported Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

While it is still in its growing stage, this is the time to pick it up, let's talk about few of those why’s here.

Why choose SilverStripe?

An open source, Silverstripe is CMS that is best for experienced coders. It is based on PHP and is compatible with Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases. Here are a few prime reasons why you should be choosing SilverStripe:

  • Feasibility of custom functionality with incredible options like Site Search, File management, Media insertion, etc.

  • High social media connectivity

  • Easy maintenance of the blog

  • Convenient options for image galleries

  • Placement and functionality for the event, news and other pages

  • Manage your site content easily

  • Easy management of roles and permissions

SilverStrip Security


  • SilverStripe has a powerful set of the content authoring tool that lets you schedule publications, establish your own content approval process, and set different permission levels for different parts of the site.

  • As a free and open source community, SilverStripe has been growing impressively along with its well-documented code base.

  • SilverStripe can help with strategy, migration and managing content across a number of disparate sites, systems and technologies.



  • SilverStripe also has a steep learning curve and offers fewer plugins and high-quality themes than most of the other CMS options available on the market today. But its development team is working hard to better this scenario and bring in an elevated change.

How to install SilverStripe?


Step 1: Install Apache Web Server


Step 2: Download the Latest Version of Silverstripe

Command Usage:

  1. cd /tmp && wget

  2. sudo mkdir /var/www/html/silverstripe

  3. sudo unzip -d /var/www/html/silverstripe


Step 3: Make a Virtual Host

<VirtualHost *:80>

     UseCanonicalName Off


     ServerAlias silver.demo

     DocumentRoot /var/www/html/silverstripe

<Directory /var/www/html/silverstripe>

          Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

          AllowOverride All

          Require all granted

ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/perror.log

CustomLog /var/log/apache2/paccess.log combined



Step 4: Create Database

Step 5: Go to the Browser and Type ‘silver.demo’

Page illustration:


1) Setup the rewritable permission:

      sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/silverstripe/

2) Setup the database configuration:


3) Setup CMS Admin Account:


4) Click to ‘Install Silverstripe’ and you can see the following page:

SilverStripe Demo

5) Click on the ‘CMS’ and now you can login:

SilverStripe Demo

6) All set to develop your website!

SilverStripe Demo

I hope this blog helps you to expand your SilverStripe knowledge …Thanks! If you need more assistance regarding SilverStripe Development Service, feel free to contact us now.