Use Of User External Invite In Drupal 7

External Invite in Drupal 7

How to Use External Invite for User in Drupal 7? 

Imagine a scenario where you need to invite some of site users to accept some role on the site. You do not want to go and edit every such users and assign them said role. You also want leave the choice with users if they want to new role on site or not.

Enters User External Invite module.

This module allows users with proper permission to invite other users. Users have specified time before the invite expires. Inviting users also have option to cancel invite and resent invites.

Below is step to step guide to install and use this module.

1 - Download the module and install as usual.

Download the module from here: and install as usual.

2 - Configuration

Go to “admin/people/permissions” and set permission for required roles to send invite.

Go to admin/config/people/invite and set configurations as required.

Select which user roles can be invited, default role, expiration times and templates.
You can customise the emails that will be sent on various occasions here as well.

3 - Invite users

To invite users go to admin/people/invite and add address you want to invite. 

You can select role for which invite is being sent. You can also add custom message. This message will be added in email that is being sent to invited users.

4 - Manage Invites

You can manage invites from admin/people/invite/operations.

On this page, you can see list of all invites that are sent and status of each invite. From this page you can either cancel an invite or resent the invite.

The module also implements various checks such as you can not disable module till you have pending invites, making sure that roles are not changed when invites are pending for that role etc.

The module also provides a hook which can be used in case inviting email id is not present in the system.

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