Web Development Service Strategy Simplified!

Web Development Services Strategy

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And so aren’t those ample of illustrious websites that are a combination of both - an attractive design and user-friendly features. In simpler words, the one that you love scrolling through and recommend others as a good reference. A whole lot of strategies, time and energy is put together behind building one such website. AddWeb, now having a collective experience of 150+ man-years in the field of Website Development, has churned out a few fabulous strategies to be followed while developing a website.


All great website developers go through a length of the process, in order to create a website that you’ll like spending your time behind. Though this process differs from one expert Web Development Service provider to another, it more or less remains the same. So let’s start with the checklist, AddWeb has created for you to refer. We call it the 4D-1M formula. Read on to know about it.



The fundamental step, like every other journey, is the most time taking and significant one. It’s here where maximum time and energy is spent on researching and mining out maximum data. Several questions are asked in order to gain clarity about the brand and its requirement. For instance, what is missing in the old site, what kind of language do they want to convey, target audience, et al. Study of the competitor’s website is also done in this very phase and references are gathered to be adopted at the implementation level. Both qualitative and quantitative research is done here to bring in the clarity and smoothen the further process. Because as they say, “Well begun is half done.”



Wait! Note, the job is only half done and not done yet. The core work of website development has just commenced. It is at this stage, that the blueprint of the website is created. Whatever information that has been gathered till now, is now evaluated and given structure. What features should be embedded in the site gets evaluated in here. In many cases, a mockup design is made in order to convey the whole concept to the client. To cut the story short, a basic structured is prepared of how the website will look like and function, once made.



Once the designing job is done, the project is taken further to the client for presentation. Here the final development is done. Feedback from the client is taken so that the suggestions can be implemented. If the client is adamant on a certain not-so-worthy suggestion, it’s the job of the developer to guide him to the correct path and do the best for the brand also they must be familiar with possible problems that will arise and their contingency plans must be in place as well. Once everything gets frozen here, the project goes into the deployment phase.



Halfway through the process of web development, it’s now in the deployment phase that the action happens. All the resources required for the project gets on the floor and start up with their job. And then the product is made, Website Testing is done and it’s ready to be delivered to the client. Only then, it’s ready to float on the web.



The job of Web Development never closes at the deployment stage. With all the technicalities involved in it, the client will always require technical assistance from the techies. And that’s where the one ‘M’ of 4D-1M gets into the picture. It is here that the job of maintaining the project starts and continues till the client doesn’t find some replacement of yours. And if you’re an exceptional performer and cost-effective service provider like AddWeb, then you can retain the client till the project is live on the web!


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