WordCamp US 2017 - A First-Time Experience Engraved In Our Memories, Forever!

WordCamp US 2017

Someone recently popped up a question to us - “When was the last time, you did something for the first time?” And we impetuously uttered, “Attended our first ever WordPress Camp in Nashville”. Insane, you must be thinking. Right? But yes, that’s how it is. We are ‘insanely’ in love with our job of coding. And this was our first ever WordCamp as an attendee, which was also one of the three biggest WordCamp in the world. Plus, the Camp was held in Nashville - the city of music. Can it be any better for someone who loves WordPress services and music, both! It certainly was a heavenly treat for us and every other technocrat for that matter. No wonder, the camp was flooded in with 1,500+ attendees and a galore of speakers.


We’ve been WordPressing since 2009 and in these 8 years, we’ve successfully completed 70+ small and medium scale projects. We’ve also contributed 5+ WordPress plugins to the WordPress community, along with being an active member on the community forum. But we always regretted on not having attended any of the WordPress Camps. And hence, as soon as we got notified about the WordCamp US 2017 at Nashville, we straightaway got ourselves registered for it!


Our experience of the camp started on a very good note with the warm and welcoming nature of the community. The three-day event that WordCamp US 2017 was, covered multitude of sessions for all categories of WordPress-ers, from beginners to skilled experts. Initial two days consisted of these sessions with a closing speech called ‘State of the Word’ by Matt Mullenweg. Since the event was huge with multiple sessions going simultaneously, we weren’t able to attend them all. But of all, the sessions that we’re able to attend and enjoy both are - Chris Teitzel’s session on security and Sarah Benoit’s session on teaching clients to effectively use WordPress. And for the remaining ones, we’re are thankful to the video streaming for being able to watched later. It truly introduced us to a lot of new learnings.


WordPress believes ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” and hence officially organised an after party for all of us at the closing of the second day. But before that, we got to attend a party on the first day at a famous bar in the city named - Honky Tonk Central, sponsored by the WPEngine. The food here was ‘wow’ and the live music, mesmerising. The entire floor was jam-packed with a some of fresh and a few familiar faces from the WordPress Community. And the after party, on the second day of the event at the amazing Adventure Science Center. It included some lip-smacking food and drinks on the house. They also had Karaoke to spice-up the evening, which we skipped blaming our bad association with tunes and voice!


Yes, we relished every single moment at the party and had fun. But at the same time, we also made our presence counted to the organising committee. In fact, though we couldn’t stay back for the contribution day, we gave a suggestion to the Atlanta WP committee member there. A suggestion, for adding a business summit to the event, on which they did not just agreed to but also appreciated our well-thought suggestion. This also proves our point of being active contributors to the WordPress community. We leave no stones unturned when it comes to giving our inputs that might help the community grow. Moreover, we also got to catch up and have a word with Matt Mullenweg before we left to catch our flight back home.


Even though it was our first WordPress Camp as an attendee and lasted just for two days, the experience we gained here was invaluable. We got so much inspired by experience such WordPress Camps comes with, that we didn’t just promised to attend it the next time, but also went a step ahead and sponsored the upcoming WordCamp Udaipur 2018 in our local community!


And to round up the entire experience of being at this event, all that we want to say is, “WordCamp US 2017 was certainly an epic, elevating & enticing experience!”