Year 2017 - A Rollercoaster Ride To Remember!


The world is painted in the mood of celebrations. As the end of the year comes closer, the more clearer visuals of the passing year comes in front of our eyes. Believe it or not, all of us a nostalgic bunch of souls wrapped in the fancy dreams and ambitions of the coming year. Even while reading this you’re nodding your head yes with a nostalgic smile on your face and moisty glow in your eyes. Don’t worry, we all are sailing in the same boat. So, instead of keeping it all within we thought to share our 2017 story with our loved ones. Hope, our story will leave you motivated to write your story too and share it with us! 


The outset of 2017

Like every coming year, 2017 too came with a bundle of surprises for us to unfold with time. We kicked off the year with yesteryear’s memories in our hearts and a lot of dreams to be accomplished through the year. We’re more than 4+ years old with 110+ man-years of experience, 25+ teammates, and  500+ - small, medium and large-scale projects. We knew we had a long way to go in order to give justice to the mark 2016 had left us with. And hence, we’re all geared up to plunge into the pool of challenges and surprises that 2017 had in the store for us.

Paramount Projects of the Year 

The year had just started and we got lucky with a high-ranking project on board. The client asked us to create a gateway for the Bitcoin for their OctoberCMS based website. It was the first time that we forayed into the field of Cryptocurrency. And our enthusiastic troupe of coders, successfully closed it like a pro! We also expanded our skill-set by exploring and working on a few more tech stacks viz. Lumen, Bitusu, Catalyst, DevOps/docker implementation, et al. Meanwhile, we also got a firm hold over OctoberCMS and of course Drupal 8. 


AddWeb Turns 5!

We were still engrossed in coding new things, little did we realised that it was about time for some celebration - A birthday celebration! Yes, AddWeb turned 6 during July 2017 and we celebrated the birthday of our little one with lots of fun activities and a scrumptious cake. We’re - “One more year older. One more year wiser.” In fact, by that that we even grew bigger as a team and hence gifted ourselves with a whole new, creative office! 

AddWeb's Birthday

Proud Moments! 

Being a Drupal-er, since our very inception, contributing something huge was sort of a dream for us. And finally, 2017 gifted us with one such opportunity. We finally contributed an Admin Theme to the Drupal community. And if that was not enough of a joy to be felt proud of, Dries Buytaert overwhelmed us by mentioning us in his blog. In that blog, based on the credits earned by the contribution made towards the Drupal community, we got listed at the 27th position in the list of world’s top companies contributing towards Drupal community. Also, by elevating the quality of our contribution we took a huge leap from being amongst the world’s top 100 companies at Drupal marketplace during the start of 2017 to securing a place in the top 20 Drupal companies by the end of the year. Can their be a bigger joy for a hardcore Drupal-er like us?!


We Code. We Create. We Celebrate! 

By the way, did we tell you? Celebrations are as much as a part of AddWeb as coding is. We like to be in the celebration mood throughout the year. Being the true Indians, we don’t miss even a single opportunity to celebrate. From celebrating the festival of colors - Holi in the office to celebrating the festival of lights - Diwali, we proactively plan and participate in every such event. We go out during Garba nights for swirling and twirling together and also sometimes plan a terrace party to get grooving on the dance floor. We twin by wearing same outfits and sometimes code together with a dress code of checks and polkas. And oh! How can we forget our Udaipur trip! It was one hell of a trip that will remain in memories forever. 


And also, ‘We Care’!

While celebrations kept the mood and mind of our AddWeb family in a happy zone, we introduced a series of physiotherapy sessions to make sure their health also remains very much in that happy zone. They are the asset of AddWeb and hence, caring and doing a bit for their health, make us happy!

We Care

AddWeb on Expedition

Some more memories that we made through the year, were from our trips to the DrupalCamps that we attended worldwide. Like 2016 was all about sponsoring every such event that we attended, 2017 was all about attending the event as a speaker. We spoke about ‘Women in Tech/Drupal’ at both - DrupalCamp Mountain Camp 2017 Switzerland and DrupalCamp Frankfurt 2017. Around the end of the year, we also attended the New England Drupal Camp 2017 and one of biggest and our very first WordCamp - WordCamp US 2017. It was not just memories but also a shedload of learnings that we brought back home with us. 

Aj Trip
Aj Trip

Atithi Devo Bhava! 

We weren’t just visiting the faraway lands, but also welcoming our clients from distant places and helping them explore our city and culture. 2017 brought home Rainer & Lutz, our German clients, to our office. And we proclaim, “Atithi Devo Bhava”, treated him with a very humble hospitality and took them on a tour around the city. On the tour, they tasted some local spicy Indian food, visited the city’s must-visits like Gandhi Ashram and ended their tour with some authentic food, again. And it’s needless to say, how much they relished the entire tour! 

Client Visit

We Work the Smart Way!

Every year, such expedition of ours introduces us to a million new things. We explore a few interesting ones from them and then come back home, mould them to fit in our environment and bring them to practice. And 2017’s one such customised creation is ‘Artful Agile Process’. Artful, because we have artistically melded it retain the deliverance of quality and at the same time managing the resource in a very street-smart way. Every single project of 2017 was done under this process and guess what?! It turned out to be one of the most fruitful creations of ours, so far. 


In fact, not just how we work but we have also molded the method of how we hire. A smart filtering flow has been formed in order to select only the best ones and that too in the least expected time. And under this newly introduced ‘Smart Hiring Process’ we’ve also made a lot of rejections. All of these, just to keep up on the route of maintaining quality and progressing! 

Agile Hiring

Giving Back to the Community at large! 

We believe in giving back to the community. And hence, have came up with a new in-house concept of ‘AddWeb Academy’. The academy is ready to roll out with the commencement of the new year. It intends to provide the freshers with a thorough professional training of Web Development and coding, which can further help them build their career.


Waiting to Welcome 2018!

Looking back through the year, we realised that we’ve achieved a lot and yet there’s a long way to go! And as the year is about to end with some nostalgic feelings and celebrations, we’re all set to bid it a beautiful goodbye with loads of love and gratitude. We’re all waiting to welcome 2018 with our 50+ member AddWeb family, over 200+ man-years of experience and a shedload of enthusiasm. Here we go to chase bigger dreams with an even bigger team. Happy celebrating 2017 and welcoming 2018!

Year End