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Drupal Site Migration

Move on & Migrate from Drupal 6/7 to Drupal 8!

Why Migrate to Drupal 8?

To avail the benefits of the latest features that Drupal 8 provides while making it ready for effortless and costless migration to Drupal 9, when it hits the market tomorrow! Here’s a small list from a pool of things that you’re missing out on by not migrating to Drupal 8.

  • 200+ New Features & Improvements

  • Flexible Migration Module

  • User-Friendly even for Non-Technicals

  • Enhanced Security Features

  • Easy Content-Creation & Management

  • Boosts SEO & Web-Traffic

  • Native Mobile First Approach

  • Cost-Effective

  • Future-Ready Digital Platform

Why Choose AddWeb?

We’re a team of techies, bonded over our common interest and inclination towards Drupal. And ever since our inception year in 2012, together, we have successfully delivered 500+ Drupal projects globally.

Plus, we have also attended, volunteered, sponsored and participated as a speaker at several DrupalCamps & DrupalCons, so far. As an active Drupal community member, we have also supported 7+ projects, contributed 500+ patches and we plan to continue doing the same in future!

Over and above, our efficiency and experience, we have one solid reason to choose us! And that is - We migrate your current Drupal 6/7 site to Drupal 8 in a way that it saves you from on both - the expense as well as the efforts of migrating to Drupal 9, whenever it launches. 

By the way, did we tell you that our very own website is one of the early adopters of Drupal 8!

Have An Insight Into One Such Successfully Migration!

Till date, we’ve migrated 100+ Drupal 7 websites to Drupal 8, as a result of which each of those websites has witnessed a rise in its ROI. For instance, one of our recent migration from D7 to D8 was done for one of our client - Bocklighting. The in just a matter of 4 months from the day of implementing the migration, the website started receiving rewarding returns. Let us share the highlights of it:

Case Study

Elevated UI/UX, Responsive Web Design, Using Redis for clearing the cache, Security Improvements and SEO Impact Evaluation Tool are the few features, implemented by us, that are responsible for such a rewarding outcome.   

AddWeb Experience Report: Not Boosting, Just Informing!

International Drupal Projects

International Drupal Projects

International Drupal Migration Projects

International Drupal Migration Projects

Man-Hours Spent Drupal-ing

Man-Hours Spent Drupal-ing

Official Supporting Partner of Drupal

Official Supporting Partner of Drupal

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Acquia Foundation Partner

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