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Life @ AddWeb

A workplace of your dreams!

Some workplaces are just too good to work at, and AddWeb is surely one of them. We know how much does the working pattern and environment affects the productivity and quality of the work. And hence, we’ve designed the healthiest working pattern for our team of talented individuals. They are free to hop & work from any corner of the office, as per their mood. They are free to choose their most productive working hours and deliver their best. And they are even free to choose their own break-time. Isn’t that what they refer as the ‘coolest working place’!

Comfort comes first
Comfort Comes First!

Drag the ergonomically designed chair to that window-facing desk or just lean over your favourite bean bag to acquire the ease that you require for working!

Because transparency matters!

Because transparency matters!

The glass-y interior of ours isn’t merely for enhancing the aesthetic look and feel of the space, but it also indicates our work-transparency!

Breaking the boundaries! , not the clock!

Breaking the boundaries! / Time matters, not the clock!

Alike you, we too equally hate to abide by the unnecessary boundaries. Choose your own working & break hours. Because, the work productivity and quality is all that matters!