Android Q Beta

Android Q Beta

Android Q Beta is finally here bringing additional privacy and security features.  It includes Faster App Startup, Enhancements for Foldables, New APIs for Connectivity, New Media Codecs and Camera Capabilities, NNAPI Extensions, Vulkan 1.1 Support, and more. It is focused on pushing all the boundaries of hardware and software and bringing new experiences and capabilities to users. It is very much focused on giving the advantage of the latest innovations to the users while giving a top priority to the users’ security.

  • Building on top of privacy protections in Android
  • Giving users more control over the location
  • More privacy protections in Android Q
  • New ways to engage users
  • Foldable and innovative new screens
  • Sharing shortcuts
  • Settings Panels
  • Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi performance mode
  • Camera, media, graphics
  • Neural Networks API 1.2
  • Strengthening Android's Foundations
  • Modern Android

Get the Android Q Beta here

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