Built-in CI/CD in GitHub Actions

Built-in CI/CD in GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions -  an API for cause and effect on GitHub, now finally comes with integrated CI/CD! The much-awaited announcement has created a wave of excitement amongst all the developers. This one is a beta version, while the final product is expected to be launched around 13th November 2019. To sign up for this beta version of GitHub Actions, click here

The building, testing, and deployment of almost all your projects, across multiple platforms, becomes easy with the launch of this new feature of CI/CD in GitHub Actions. In fact, it also supports various languages and frameworks like Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby, C/C++, .NET, Android & iOS. Let us share a list of other major features of this new version of GitHub Actions, which are worth mentioning:

  • Matrix Builds for parallel & easy testing of multiple versions of your project.

  • Live logs for providing rich feedback about the progress of your build, while it's running.

  • Capability to customize the GitHub as per the developer's requirement and automate the workflow. 

  • Easy publishing & consumption of the packages from GitHub Package Registry.

  • Automated suggestions for appropriate Action workflows for your project.

  • An open-source project and hence free for the 40 million developers of GitHub.

To learn more about this awe-striking feature of GitHub, click on the news source link shared below. 

News Source: http://bit.ly/2MXpE8A