Faster Search on Google- Google Rolls Out New Featured Snippets

Google Search Snippet

Searching on Google just got amplified. Now you can search for a particular thing on Google, you’ll be served with an added panel of information in respect to your search. Say, for example, you searched for ‘laptops’ then you’ll be presented with laptop related information pages like ‘what is the best laptop to buy?’, ‘what is laptop used for?’, ‘which brand of laptop is best?’, etc. Just click on those links and get quick pieces of information present on Google.


Google has planned a series of such improvements to serve you with more refined and quick information on your search. The update of this information panel has been well received by the users and are looking forward to the new ones. Explore the featured snippets by Google to know more about such features work. To read more about this news, visit the news source link shared below:

News Source: Blog.Google