Google Search Console Gets Updated

Google Search Console Gets Updated

Google Search Console in on the update mode, right now. A few popular features have been lifted from the previous version, a few have been updated while a few have been added to enhance the user experience. Links Report, Mobile Usability and Site Management are the three facets where these updates have been made, recently. Let us give you a brief understanding of the same.


Links Report:

The new Links Report consists of both functions including ‘Link to your site’ as well as ‘Internal Links’ report from the previous Search Console. In this way, it retains the feature where they’re able to witness the links within and to the site.


Mobile Usability:

The issues involved with Mobile Usability has been addressed here by launching the Mobile Usability Report. The name of the issues remaining the same, the users are now allowed to submit a validation and request for reindexing, once the issue has been fixed.


Site Management:

Now one can add and verify new sites along with managing your property’s users and their permission with the all-new Settings page added to your Site Management.


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