Laravel is now Equipped Well - Laravel 6.0

Laravel is now Equipped Well - Laravel 6.0

With already laid foundation in the world of web-applications, here is Laravel Development with it’s fresh, well-equipped, & an extended version - 6.0, in order to meet all your desired web-Art & Crafts.

Upgraded Features:

  • For facing the dreaded place called “Dependency Hell” in the world of software development, Laravel 6.0 has this ‘Semantic Versioning’ feature. This feature as a whole depicts simple set of rules & requirements based on but not necessarily limited to your pre-existing widespread common practices in use in both closed & open - source softwares.
  • Powered by AWS Lambda, the version comes with ‘Laravel Vapor’ which is an auto-scaling, serverless deployment platform for laravel. So no need to worry about complexities like interfacing your applications with SQS queues, Databases, Redis clusters, Cloud-Front CDN, etc…
  • For covering-up the exceptions, Laravel 6.0 is up with ‘Ignition’, a new open source exception detail page. This in particular benefits over previous releases like improved Blade-error file, Code editing, Exception sharing & an improved UX.
  • In order to degrade the difficulties like retrieval & exposing custom authorization messages to end-users which results into non-explanation to end-users for why exactly a particular request was denied, the version is loaded with improved ‘Authorization Responses’ (with new Gate:Inspect Method).
  • With all the above fascinating improvements & changes, the version is also well-equiped with many more engaging features like Job Middleware, Lazy Collectors, Eloquent Subquery Enhancements, & Laravel UI.  

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