New Features Added to Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is currently in the mood of bringing in a lot of new updates and modifications. The recent updates made in the Google Search Console includes user management and different collaborations. Enhanced history tracking plays a vital role in this update.


Key Features of the Update:

  • User Management as the core part of the search console, which will enable the users to see and manage the roles of all property users

  • Share a read-only view of several reports viz. Mobile usability, AMP, Index Coverage, et al.


Also, the restricted user role will now come with read-only status and hence limiting the read-only users from making any form of major edits, including the ability to start a fix validation to sharing an issue.


Best Practices to Manage User Permissions:


The new modifications made to the Search Console has been welcomed by, with a request for some more time to prepare themselves for the adaption of the new changes. The request has been considered by the house of Google. To know about this very update, visit the below-mentioned news source.

To explore and know more about these Search Console Updates, visit the news source: Webmaster Central Blog