New Tools For AngularJS To Angular Migration

AngularJS To Angular Migration

Team Angular has recently launched two new tools that help in the migration from AngularJS to Angular. These two tools are 'ngMigration Assistant' and 'ngMigration Forum'. Let us share a few details about both these tools and help you understand how they're an effort made to smoothen the process of website migration from AngularJS to Angular.


ngMigration Assistant:

This is a command-line tool which first does the analysis of the AngularJS application and then accordingly suggests a migration path. Statistics on the complexity, size, and pattern of the app involved acts as a deciding factor, whereas the outline of the migration process turns out to be a guiding source. The application might not consider every single minute possibility involved in the migration process but surely serves as a constructive and easy to understand guide for the migration. 


ngMigration Forum:

This is a community hub meant for giving guidance regarding the entire migration process and that too from the experts across the web. Throw you migration related queries and the question on the forum and you'll get quality guidance on the same, along with the suggestions on the tools to be used, a path to be taken and much more. The forum also serves as an information sharing platform on how migration is beneficial, along with other technical and conceptual questions. 


Both the above-mentioned tools come with a plethora of features, which can be furthermore explored from the news source shared below:

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