OctoberCMS - Themes Marketplace Update

OctoberCMS - Themes Marketplace Update

OctoberCMS recently came out with some small but significant updates in its themes marketplace. These updates are meant to make the navigation and themes search process more smooth & simple for the users. 

OctoberCMS claims that the theme page now has a similar layout to that of the plugins page. The user can now easily navigate between the categories with the use of the new sidebar. The update has also removed the ambiguous Miscellaneous category, leaving behind only two categories to be assigned for the same.

Just like other similar updates with plugins, themes will also now have a Promotion tab added on the Author’s Dashboard. This will allow the author with the opportunity to now promote their themes on the marketplace. 

You can learn more this update by OctoberCMS, click on the news source link below. 

News Source: http://bit.ly/2KYtbnf