Proxying Packages with GitHub Package Registry

Proxying Packages with GitHub Package Registry

A few months back GitHub announced GitHub Package Registry, a package management service that makes it easy for you to publish public or private packages easy next to your source mode. This release has a couple of glitches attached to it. Addressing the same, we’re happy to announce the proxy support for the primary npm registry.

As a part of the enhancement process and resolving the issues that the users of GitHub Package Registry, this release introduces a few features related to the proxying packages. Let us share an overview of the same with you:

  • The introduction of proxy support for will now allow the GitHub Package Registry as the source of an organisation’s npm packages and the proxied source of packages from npm.

  • Elimination of the feature that automatically creates releases when you publish a package. 

  • No need for personal access tokens for accessing the packages from Actions. 

The release comes with a handful of other features too. In order to explore them and explore the aforementioned ones, click on the source link shared below:

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