The Release of Docker 19.03.0 Beta1

The Release of Docker 19.03.0 Beta1

The Docker community recently released its new version - 19.03.0 Beta1. This one comprises of a host of exciting & futuristic features. The prime-most four features of Docker 19.03.0 Beta1 are - Support for Fast Context Switching, Introducing Rootless Docker, Sysctl Support for Swarm Services and Added-Device Support for Microsoft Windows. 

Docker 19.03.0 Beta1 also comprises of several enhancements done around Docker Swarm, networking, Docker client and other places. Let us share a few from the list:

  • Allowance of running dockerd on a Rootless mode

  • Enhanced support for maximum replicas per node and per node without stack

  • Additional support for memory & CPU limits

  • TTY helps in enabling the checkpoint/restore of the containers

  • The possibility of adding support for filtering on node labels 

There’s a lot to what Docker 19.03.0 Beta1 comes loaded with, apart from the aforementioned list of features. In order to learn more about it, visit the news source link shared below.

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