The release of Ionic 4.0

The release of Ionic 4.0

Ionic framework has recently released its latest version - Ionic 4.0. It has been announced to be a version for everyone. There has been an immense amount of hard work has gone behind the transformation of Ionic from mobile to Angular. It comes with a powerful UI design system as well as the app framework which is apt for all the app developers across the world.

Ionic 4.0 is loaded with several introductory features, which unitedly strengthens this new version of Ionic. Let us talk about a handful of these features:

  • 1.5 times much faster

  • High performance for world-class progressive web applications

  • Designed with wide options and ways for customisation

  • Possibility of revamping the old documents

  • Powerful theming with several CSS variables

  • Robust stability & higher compatibility

There’re many more such advanced features that Ionic 4.0 comes with. To explore more about the same click on the source link mentioned below.

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