The Release of Ionic 4.4.0 Beryllium

The Release of Ionic 4.4.0 Beryllium

Ionic has finally announced the release of its latest version - Ionic 4.4.0 Beryllium. This version of Ionic comprises of a number of new features, as recommended by the community members, despite it being a minor release.

Let us share a brief about the three prime new features that come included in this particular release of Ionic 4.4.0 Beryllium.

  • The Card will now be able to accept the button attribute, which will sync even-handedly with both iOS as well as the Android.

  • The developers can now program to open the sliding items to explore the options of the same.

  • The newly integrated ‘pullFactor’ property allows the developers to control and modify the speed of the pull to refresh.

To explore more about the above-mentioned and other features of this recently launched version of Ionic 4.4.0 Beryllium, kindly click on the news source link shared below.

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