The Release of JSON: API 2.0

The release of JSON: API 2.0

The latest version of JSON: API 2.0 has recently been released, amongst all the anticipation. This is the stable release of the JSON: API module’s second version, which is developed by the collaborative efforts of Wim, Gabe, and Mateu.

The latest version of JSON: API comes with an array of changes records. While you can check the entire list of those change record here, let us share a handful of significant and breakthrough changes of the same with you:

  • The configuration entity mutation is now a part of JSON: API Extras.

  • The custom field type normalizers are not included, anymore.

  • Computed URL field for file entities, which can be used by the external application without any need of alteration.

  • The more standard and useful parameter in the URL, to be used for format negotiation.

As we mentioned above, the upgraded version of JSON: API comes with multiple other striking features. Improved performance, better compatibility with JSON: API clients, future-proofing your sites are a handful of benefits offered by this latest version of JSON: API. Visit the link below for a detailed insight as shared by Mateu himself.  

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