The Release of Laravel 5.7.26

The Release of Laravel 5.7.26

Laravel has recently released its latest and updated version as Laravel 5.7.26. The update comes with a new pipeline method along with a method to temporarily bypass the model events. Let us share an overview of what this updated version of Laravel has brought along with it.

  • The new pipeline method by the name of ‘thenReturn’ has been added to be able to do additional work on the object that is passed through.

  • A handful of public getter methods are being added.

  • A bunch of license files is being added to every single illuminate components.

The entire list of changes and updates done in this latest version of Laravel is shared in here on GitHub. You can also review the difference between both the versions of Laravel - 5.7.25 and 5.7.26 in here on GitHub. You can also learn more about this very updated version of Laravel from the news source link shared below.

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